Meet the Business Baby

Meet Business Baby, the star of the latest baby-themed Internet meme.

Lately, when my baby plays on his toy laptop, he looks very intense. He sits in his high chair with near perfect posture, both of his chubby hands positioned on the toy’s giant buttons, his eyes straight ahead and a very stern expression on his face.

Is it possible he’s impersonating his workaholic mommy? I’m not sure, but the same question could be asked about an adorable little boy currently inspiring a host of users on Reddit.

After one Reddit user posted a photo of a serious-looking tot eating cereal while holding what appears to be a toy phone to his ear, many used the pic to create hilarious memes, imagining the baby as a little businessman, barking orders into the phone like “Johnson, change my reservation to a plus 1. I am bringing Elmo.” and “Johnny, find out what this ‘Peek-a-boo’ guy wants. He keeps kidnapping my family and giving them back.”

Mashable raves: “We’ll probably never know what had Business Baby scowling into his cereal, but we do know this: He has officially earned a place in the sacred hall of Internet memes.”

Congratulations, Business Baby. You’ve conquered memes — perhaps Wall Street is next? Whatever you’re selling, I’m ready to buy!



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Image by Reddit user Joy4874

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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