Like Mother, Like Daughter: The Funny Habit My Baby Inherited from Me

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UntitledWhen I was a little girl, I was obsessed with keeping everything clean. I could not stand messes. One of my most vivid memories of my obsessiveness with staying clean is from kindergarten. One day, I had just finished lunch when I spilled some of my drink on my dress. I freaked out. Considering the way I reacted, you’d have thought I severely injured myself!

Sobbing, I immediately ran to my teacher. I wanted to call my mom right away so she could bring me a new outfit. But I could barely get the words out because I was so upset. She tried to calm me in the best way she could, but I wasn’t calming down. I was embarrassed and did not want to go through the rest of the school day with bright red juice on my dress.

My teacher took me to the office to call my mom, and my mom reluctantly agreed to drop off a new dress. She knew how I typically felt about spilling food on my clothes, and understood I wouldn’t be able to calmly make it through the day without a clean dress. From that day forward, I made sure to eat and drink as carefully as possible.

As crazy as I was at 5 years old, my daughter, now 4, is the exact same way. Harlan can’t even get a splash of water on her outfit before wanting to change it. She eats her meals delicately and carefully to make sure she doesn’t spill anything on her pretty “spinning” dresses. If she does, she immediately wants to change into another outfit. She can’t stand being messy. As the saying goes: Like mother, like daughter.

My husband couldn’t be more different from me. He is a very messy eater and rarely goes through a meal without getting a least a drop of something on his clothes. Stain remover is used daily in our house. The messiness never seems to bother him, and I am constantly laughing at how much he resembles a little kid with food all over his shirt once he is finished eating. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to embrace it and love his carefree attitude about stains!

Avery gets her messy eating skills from her daddy. The messier she is when she is eating, the happier she is. I’ve learned to always take off her clothes before she eats and to always have the bath water ready as soon as she is finished with her meal. She goes straight from her high chair into the bathtub to get cleaned up.

I find it amazing that each of my daughters can resemble both my husband and I on something as funny as being a messy eater. Messy eating might not be genetic, but it definitely runs in our family.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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