Milestone alert: Fuzz grabbed his toes!

baby touching Toes
Baby (Not Fuzz) Touching Toes

I know little of baby milestones. I know they eventually do stuff, like grab their hands and babble, and roll over and sit up, but I never kept track of when it should happen with either kid. The pediatrician asked me if he was cooing, smiling, grabbing his hands, and she checked his head control, but that’s all she mentioned the other day.

So, today, when I was changing the Fuzz, he grabbed his toes with one hand. I thought maybe I’d look it up and see when babies are supposed to do that.

I couldn’t find anything specific on grabbing feet, but I did find this list which was very interesting to me.  I don’t plan on using it as a guideline or anything.   I think that would just make me crazy if I didn’t see Fuzz do one of the things in the month they say he’s supposed to do it.

However, while I notice big things like rolling over, or loud things like cooing, there are lots of little things I take for granted.

I don’t always notice right away when something happens, or something is gone. For example, it didn’t occur to me that when Fuzz was grabbing at his blanket (and shoving it in his mouth) that this was a milestone.  Also, I didn’t realize there was a difference between a social smile and a smile of recognition, but it makes sense, actually. I can tell now when he’s smiling at me, that he knows it’s me, versus a random person at Trader Joe’s. I think he recognizes his brother now too, which is kind of exciting.

Are you obsessed with milestones? When did your baby grab his/her toes?

Photo Credit: Lauren Nelson/Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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