Momfessions {List}

The real deal. Didn't have to try hard in taking this. Just exit epic meltdown scene and food tossing at the dinner table to nurse screaming baby and snap away.

Yes, the real face of what I feel like (and one that I really do make), most often these days. A beautiful sight.

You know it’s mostly (but not all)  because this working-from-home mom action has me in a tizzy. I think it’s a good kind of tizzy though. Face making or not. As I’m the sort of gal who thrives amidst a ruckus, always doing — not often still.

I also love me a good veg and laze-about, accompanying TV box vices to include: Dexter, anything Food Network, anything HGTV, Californication, True Blood…to name a few.

What they say about there not being anytime to watch movies or get it on with your partner after babies? Not true. It can be done. One may choose these things over sleep, the sleep that is already seriously minimal, but still.

Here’s my shortlist of what I let slide, my doubts as a mother and other such over-sharing. After the jump.

  • Somedays I don’t shower, or even wash my face. (Brushing teeth is always a must).
  • Somedays I wear my pajamas. All day.
  • Technically an outfit because they were the clothes from the day before.
  • Which exemplifies the fact that I wear ‘comfy mom-clothes’ far too often.
  • But at least Abby and I match — as she wears PJ’s most often too.
  • More often than naught I enjoy wine, chocolate, beer and popcorn as my other go-to vices.
  • I am consistently geeky, never really owning up to the fact that I make too many commitments. I say something about it here and there — but still got ’em all. Yep, 3 jobs. Count ’em, 1, 2, oh. My. Word. 3.
  • I’ve been known to craft up some home decor item I don’t really need, and leave the stack of dishes in the sink, the laundry to pile up and the bathtub to get left un-scrubbed.
  • Occasionally I look in the mirror and feel great, but not often.
  • More than periodically my toddler watches television. (Which is so FINE.)
  • I try to eat my meals when nursing (because you KNOW Abby just HAS to eat as soon as food hits the table), but mostly hours later, cold or not at all — because doing anything else while nursing is generally not permitted without a giant hoopla of baby distress.
  • Once in a blue moon I have a tidy, clean home and it lasts maybe a minute — wherein I feel like screaming really loud, at the top of my lungs because — WHY? Why can’t it last forever?!? But I don’t.
  • I use the F word on the steady and in general have a potty-mouth. All happening mostly under my breath…I try to be discreet and sometimes I fail.
  • Somedays I have incredible heaps of anxiety about the job I am doing as a mama with my two young babies and I pray every day for the patience and strength to  respect and do by them right. (The love will never be hard to come by.)

Enough about me. What about you?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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