Momma Lunch, Baby Lunch

For the momma: lentil, squash and spinach soup. For the baby: butternut squash, yam and pea mash.

In other words… eat. No, not that smooshed granola bar in your pocket, either. Maybe even something surpassing that of the leftovers from your toddler’s plate. (If you’re feeding a baby and a toddler, like me. Or more. The thought of which, quite frankly, scares the heck out of me. Yes, I want another. A notion which starts to lose its luster when the mister is gone for weeks at a time on tour.)

Listen mommas, I know it that it’s humorous if somewhat obnoxious, all these other mommas who seem to have time to eat healthy and take care of themselves. Involving something like showering daily, brushing one’s teeth and maybe even administering the resemblance of your hair being did and your lips glossed, or balmed. Whatever. With time to do all the laundry, sing all the songs, clean all the house, play with all of the babies, cook all of the meals, run all of the errands, make all of the crafts and do all of the fun outings.

Humourous and obnoxious because, with all of these demands and duties and loves to take care of — it can get quite easy to forget oneself. Which for me is dangerous. Once I start to let myself go is when I really start to feel like crap. And I start to wonder, “What’s wrong with me, why can’t I be so fabulous? Fabulous looking with a spotless home, handling all of the everything; meltdowns and blowouts included, with eloquence and grace?”

Phhhhht. Forget that. If I don’t do anything else in a day besides taking care of my children, keeping on top of the day to day chores and trying to remain as patient and happy as I want to be, for how I really feel inside to mirror the mother that I am? Well, I eat and I exercise. (Even if it is only yoga). I eat well and good and feed my brain. I feed my mood, I feed my body what it needs. Sounds simple, and it is.

Makes me grapple with how it can be so hard then, to simply eat.

So I’ve been really committed to myself as of late to eat something yummy and healthy everyday. As pictured above. Usually quick and easy. And I drink lots of water. (Gone are the frequent days of spending the morning at the market and the afternoon in the kitchen with Billie Holiday and Etta James spinning on the turn table — my wine glass ready by the cutting board). Not surprisingly, my day will go that much better if I *gasp*, take the time to do it three times a day. Even if it is more often than not; over the kitchen sink.

I say this to you lovely momma readers: “Try to make that happen less, k?”

Slow down and enjoy your food. Your babies or your kids — they will be just fine. The disasters will still happen, even if you were standing right over them. Like this morning, when exhibit A. (toddler), whipped a block at warp speed at exhibit B. (baby), pinging her directly in the temple and breaking the skin. Bruising immediately. See also: send help now, my toddler is wreaking havoc day and night in the absence of his Daddio.

Lunch-time when it’s just Abby and I are the times I get to eat slower and even have time to take a picture of it. One bite for momma, one bite for baby. And so on. A most adorable lunch date I couldn’t imagine life without. Even if she doesn’t always grace me with the good fortune to eat it while it’s still hot.

Some Tips To Eating Whole Foods, Heathy Foods, Non-Pre Fab Foods:

  • Menu plan
  • Make lists, now is the time to shop your local farmer’s market (despite the snow wind and hail that is wreaking vengeance upon many parts of our supposed spring)
  • Schedule time on the weekend to prep foods for the week, like vegetables (I make baby food at the same time)
  • Keep lots of almonds, sunflower seeds and flax seeds on hand (for a handful as is, or tossed into salads or smoothies
  • Get familiar with your blender for more than just baby food and hop on the smoothie train
  • Make large batches of sauces, stews, soups and chilies
  • Make healthier dips (like hummus) with the afore mentioned blender, again in large batches – that you can freeze. (I mason jar almost everything, or use Pyrex glass storage containers to freeze)
  • Buy simple, yummy foods that you can enjoy. Like eggs, avocados, cheese, smoked fish, grain breads and wraps, leaf lettuces, baby spinach and mixed greens
  • Buy almond milk: the momma, baby and toddler’s best friend (see also: smoothies)

Do you struggle with finding the time to take care of yourself? Do you have any self-care tips and tricks?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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