Mommy Needs a Time Out

I was beginning to think that I had this whole “two kids” thing figured out. The girls and I started to get ourselves in a routine and I even lucked out and had them napping at the same time on most days. So many of my friends told me that making the transition from one to two children was tough, but I kept thinking it was rather easy. That was until last week.

My oldest daughter, Harlan, finished with her preschool for the year and had a week break before she started camp. The week in-between her two activities meant that I would have both children at home. At the beginning of the week, I was looking forward to having both girls home and us not having to go anywhere. It would finally be a chance for us to relax and spend some quality time together, just the three of us.

On Monday, the girls were on an opposite napping schedule so I made sure to spend some extra special time with my oldest since she’s been feeling a bit neglected lately. As the week went on, the cabin fever started to settle in for all of us.

Last week the weather here in NYC was awful. It was rainy and cold almost everyday. Traveling with two girls around the city is hard enough when the sun is out; it is nearly impossible when it’s raining. Unless I absolutely have to get out of the house to get something, I won’t take both girls out in the rain.

Harlan’s picked up a bad case of terrible two’s and Avery had three vaccines for her two month check-up which resulted in a very cranky baby. By Thursday, I was beginning to get to the end of my rope. My confidence was shattered as I thought that I really couldn’t handle taking care of two girls on my own during the day. I was almost in tears at the end of each day because I was so stressed out and exhausted.

Thankfully my husband noticed that my confidence was fading and gave me a much needed time out. On Friday afternoon I left for a couple of hours to get my hair done. It was the first time I had left both girls with him, and he did an amazing job. The two hours of peace helped me regain some of my confidence I had lost during the week.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in the city. My family and I spent the morning in Central Park and then I took another time out for myself and did a little shopping. I had Avery with me, but she was sleeping the entire time, so it felt as if I was alone. It was one of the most calming couple of hours I had had in a long time. I could finally focus on myself and my needs. It definitely helped me re-charge for the week ahead.

I hope to never get back to the point I was at last week. I’ve now realized how important it is for me to get out and do things for myself. Not only does it help me, but it will also help my family (so I’m not a cranky mom and wife).

Have you ever felt like you just needed a time out? How did you take the time to do it?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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