Mom’s Video Hilariously Apologizes to Friends Without Kids

If you have young kids while trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, you probably related to the video above. Frankly, after watching YouTube star Elle Walker’s masterpiece, I had to wonder if she’d somehow installed cameras into my house without me knowing.

So much of her video portrays things that have actually happened in my home, from the floor strewn with cheese bits … to the older kid trying to ride the baby like a pony … to going “halfsies” on a conversation with a guest because, hello, your older kid is trying to ride your baby like a pony.

I got in touch with Elle, of the What’s Up Moms YouTube channel, and here’s what she had to say: “Before having kids, it’s hard to understand why someone can’t return a simple text. Until a toddler has covered your floor in shredded cheese … I’ve been feeling guilty lately about losing touch with my kidless friends and wanted to take a stab at explaining what really goes on behind the unanswered texts.”

But, as you see in the video, Elle also nods to the very real — however unjustified — envy we parents sometimes feel of our friends without kids. Her inner monologue includes the lines, “It’s so weird. You could leave here, drive to Vegas, see Britney Spears, or even take a nap.”

I know my childfree friends are tired of me constantly bowing out of social engagements for kid-related reasons, so I took the liberty of emailing one of my buddies a link to Elle’s video, with the subject header “and this pretty much explains it.”

His response?

“Sorry I was out at a bar til 11 p.m. and didn’t have time to watch.”

Sigh. At least he wasn’t in Vegas.


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