Insomnia is Nothing to Lose Sleep Over
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Once again, last night I found myself to be the only awake individual in our house. I stayed up relatively late doing some work. By relatively, I mean ten-forty-five p.m. For some, that’s early.  When you’re up several times in the night and early in the morning, that’s a pretty late start on trying to get some rest. I wasn’t tired enough to go to bed before then, so I just kept going. Unfortunately, I only wound myself up even more.

I got into bed next to a sleeping Fuzzball. The husband, T, was snoozing away as well. I lay down and started to read. However, despite the two Calms Forté I had taken, I was barely feeling ‘Calms Pianissimo.’ Suddenly, I heard a noise next to me. It was Fuzzball’s tummy growling. Immediately, I began to have an argument with myself:

“Ohmigosh, he’s starving!”
“But he’s sleeping.”
“But he’s STARVING!”


“There it is again.”
“Wait, maybe it’s not Fuzz. Maybe it’s T.” I thought.

I leaned in and put my ear near Fuzz’s tummy. Silence. I sat up and continued reading.


I squatted into the yoga child pose and propped my book next to where Fuzz was sleeping. T opened his eyes and gave me a quizzical look, then shut his eyes and resumed snoozing.


It was definitely coming from Fuzz.

“But…he’s sleeping. Wouldn’t he wake up if he was hungry?”
I finally settled on that concept. But then…my anxiety turned to irritation.

“Holy moly, I will never be able to fall asleep with ALL THIS NOISE!”

I never used to be a light sleeper. Nowadays, a pin dropping in another room could jolt me awake. After another round of mental somersaults, I fell asleep…until Fuzz woke up ten minutes later…hungry.

Do you get nighttime MomSomnia?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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