More Than 20 Reasons Why Dads Rock More Than Ever

You do know that Dads are the new moms, right? That is to say, that the roles are becoming blurred and both men and women reign equally supreme (arguably), to challenge and question the notion that those roles should even continue to exist in such secular ways, as defined by gender.

Oh, those Dads, they are becoming more involved. They are staying home with the kids as multi-tasking machines of Super-dad ferocity. While they may still be branded with some corporations as bumbling fools, many Fathers are speaking out against the stereotype, which sure – may very well have originated based on historical truths.

But that was so yesterday. For the most part. I’m not going to profess that ALL Fathers are fantastic Daddies, but surely the present, active roles they are taking in rearing their own children today, far outweigh the bread-winning, absentee, go-ask-your-mother Father-types of our yesteryears. Of course, there are always exceptions to the norm, now and then. (Don’t be expecting anything too wishy-washy or sickly sweet here. Just the straight-up goods y’all).

  • Nurse Extraordinaire 1 of 20
    Nurse Extraordinaire
    They kiss all the boo boos and tend to cuts and scrapes with care. They know where the first aid kit is and administer peroxide and bandages like magic. Like the tiny little tickle fingers of a thousand faeries.
    Photo Credit: Adoptive Dads
  • Fully Loaded 2 of 20
    Fully Loaded
    They know all the songs for tidy-up, potty-time, bed-time, play-time, any-time.
  • Sh*t Crunchy Dads Do 3 of 20
    Sh*t Crunchy Dads Do
    They are down with the hummus, can cloth-diaper like a mo-fo and will encourage you to encapsulate your placenta. Maybe.
    Photo Credit: Zazzle
  • ‘Dadding’ 4 of 20
    They are blogging up a super-storm and doing it more than well.
    Photo Credit: Babble
  • The Baby Whisperer 5 of 20
    The Baby Whisperer
    They are taking paternity leaves and walking the floors with colicky babies for hours on end. They are the new best Baby Whisperers.
    Photo Credit:The Good The Dad & The Baby
  • Milk Junkies 6 of 20
    Milk Junkies
    They are simulating breastfeeding, are the new best doulas and will be your biggest breastfeeding support.
    Photo Credit: Milk Junkies
  • Playgroup All-Stars 7 of 20
    Playgroup All-Stars
    They are organizing playgroups and could give a rats ass about gossiping about the other parent(s) choices in bottle feeding, nursing without a cover-up, plastic-toys, feeding them non-organic food and the BPA riddled sippy-cups.
    Photo Credit: Well Commons
  • Mommy-Wars, What? Mommy-Wars, Who? 8 of 20
    Mommy-Wars, What? Mommy-Wars, Who?
    Furthermore, the 'Mommy-Wars' baffle if not slightly intrigue them. But mostly they think they are a big waste of time.
    Photo Credit: Babble
  • Supportive & Realistic 9 of 20
    Supportive & Realistic
    They are loving and celebrating each one of our stretch marks and massage our swollen feet without being asked.
    Photo Credit: Redworks Photography
  • Rage Against The Machine 10 of 20
    Rage Against The Machine
    They are concerned and speaking out against the sexualization of the almost all of the everything our young girls pick up on today. In toys, fashion, T.V. shows, popular music, magazine covers, books, the mass media at large. Most importantly they are not standing for the sexualization of their daughters and know that breastfeeding IS NOT sexual. Even past 1 year of age. *GASP!*
    Photo Credit: Soda Head
  • Not Too Cool To Geek Out 11 of 20
    Not Too Cool To Geek Out
    They rock story-time, bath-time, meal-time and basically any other time that requires all appendages to be doing multiple things, keeping things calm and melt-down free, like a BOSS. And when the meltdowns happen they mostly tend to them with patience and diligence. Yes, even story-time requires as such. Have you ever laid in bed with a hyper baby and toddler and tried to calm them into the bed-time zone with stories? The legs. The arms. There is flailing, crawling, poking, rolling, squealing and pinching my friends. Also, the picture? Pure LOL nerdlieness. Don't get offended fellas. It's all good.
    Photo Credit: North Edinburgh News
  • Zoolander 12 of 20
    They plan the best adventures. Camping. The zoo. The amusement park. The little ones dream it and the Daddies, they make it happen.
  • Weeerrrk It, Werrrrk It 13 of 20
    Weeerrrk It, Werrrrk It
    They have swagger and aren't afraid to use it.
  • Props 14 of 20
    What bumbling? There is no bumbling. (And if there is, it's no more than we do).They ooze charisma and charm (well, maybe not always, but us Super-moms have our off-days too, yes?) In even the stinkiest, stickiest of situations. I've seen some one-handed diaper-changing action and puke catching before. Impressive, albeit gross.
    Photo Credit: Urban Mist
  • They’ve GOT This 15 of 20
    They've GOT This
    They are baby-wearing lovers, play-time creators, music and sport teaching masters.
    Photo Credit: Melissa McCauley
  • SAHD 16 of 20
    They are staying at home with the kids, toddlers and babies, while the momma brings home the bacon. Except maybe that baby shouldn't be on the counter right by the hot stove. Sayin'.
    Photo Credit: Sunway Alumni
  • Super-Dad(s) 17 of 20
    They are working from home while taking care of the kids, making soccer practice and dance class, doing the laundry and the groceries, cooking the meals and mopping the floors. The jury's till out on how common this is, but still. It's not a foreign concept anymore.
    Photo Credit: Flickr Hive Mind
  • Mess Makers 18 of 20
    Mess Makers
    They aren't afraid to get messy, try fun new things and hose down the kids in the driveway after, without batting a lash.
    Photo Credit: Mostly Bright Ideas
  • Excellent Role Models 19 of 20
    Excellent Role Models
    They are taking an active interest in the roles that they play in their children's lives, the values they pass down and the feelings their children have. The image? Just joshing' y'all, don't be such a square.
    Photo Credit: Tann Manns Forumz
  • A Superb Style All Their Own 20 of 20
    A Superb Style All Their Own
    They may not do it they way we do; they have a style and method to madness and joy that is parenting all their own. Which is all more than fine.

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