Top 15 Most Awkward Postpartum Clothes Ever

This round-up of postpartum and nursing wear is cringe-worthy enough without the hilariously bad translations. Related: foreign websites are funny.

If you or anyone you know has recently had a baby these will give you a good giggle. Which is your favorite? Here are 15 of the most awkward postpartum clothes ever:

  • Breastfeeding dress 1 of 15
    Breastfeeding dress
    Because tiny capes are the new black.
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  • Bikini jeans 2 of 15
    Bikini jeans
    If there ever was a single piece of clothing less suited for postpartum...
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  • Breastfeeding ringer t-shirt 3 of 15
    Breastfeeding ringer t-shirt
    Because it's not at all awkward to purposefully make people check out your rack.
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  • Breastfeeding raglan t-shirt 4 of 15
    Breastfeeding raglan t-shirt
    Awkward breastfeeding puns. Yay or nay?
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  • Long sleeve breastfeeding dress 5 of 15
    Long sleeve breastfeeding dress
    Just because you had a baby doesn't mean you have to dress like one.
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  • Pressure garment 6 of 15
    Pressure garment
    This is marketed as postpartum wear because "fat legs deserve styling."
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  • High pants 7 of 15
    High pants
    Pants so high you don't need a shirt. Just a belt. At least it would be easy to nurse.
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  • Nursing pajamas 8 of 15
    Nursing pajamas
    A wee night hat for your precious night time wear is always non-awkward, right?
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  • Pressure garment 9 of 15
    Pressure garment
    I'm thinking marketing this as postpartum wear and calling it a buttock cincher may be a poor choice.
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  • Short sleeve snoopy nursing dress 10 of 15
    Short sleeve snoopy nursing dress
    Because grown women in pink snoopy dresses should totally be out in public.
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  • Long sleeve nursing dress 11 of 15
    Long sleeve nursing dress
    So your 9-year-old daughter can wear your postpartum clothes too.
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  • 1830’s nursing dress 12 of 15
    1830's nursing dress
    It's hard to find vintage nursing wear but this is a bit much.
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  • Postpartum corset 13 of 15
    Postpartum corset
    I'm pretty sure not a single postpartum mother is interested in a corset.
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  • Nursing sweatshirt 14 of 15
    Nursing sweatshirt
    I'm pretty sure 80's nursing leisure wear isn't ironic enough yet to be cool.
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  • Long sleeve nursing shirt 15 of 15
    Long sleeve nursing shirt
    There is a dickie and an awkward friend moment. In other words: WIN
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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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