Most Photogenic Newborn Baby and Mom Who Just Gave Birth – No Seriously

A few months ago, there was a photo floating around the internet of the most photogenic guy (see photo to the left). The photo shows a guy who was running in a 10k race. He looks flawless while everyone around him is well, looking like they are running a race.

Well remember when you gave birth? Seeing your baby for the first time all scrunchy and new after you’ve either sweated through labor for hours or were laid up getting up cut open and having a baby pulled out of you? Yeah, while it may have been one of the most memorable moments – chances are you wouldn’t say “that’s one of the days I felt I looked the best”.

That’s where this photo comes in.

Check this photo out:

most photogenic baby ever

Gorgeous, right? I can guarantee no amount of Photoshopping would have me or my sweet baby looking like such right after such an ordeal.

Whether you look like this gorgeous mom and baby, or Miss Piggy with her Kermit-piglets (oh that would be an odd-looking baby), remember you are beautiful.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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