Moms’ Most Useless Baby Gear

Wipe Warmer 1 of 17

"The wipe warmer. I was against it from the start but a relative insisted that I get it so she bought it for me. I used it a few times when she was over. Now it just sits in the nursery taking up space."


Bath Products 2 of 17
"Most of the baby lotions, shampoos, soaps, and powders I could do without. I used an all-in-one baby bath/shampoo or a gentle fragrance-free cleanser such as Cetaphil. Also I used Cetaphil or Eucerin lotions without fragrance. I only used powder on occasion." -- Annette S.
Changing Table 3 of 17
"I didn't get a changing table. I got a dresser that had a large top on it. I also didn't get a changing pad. I got a piece of high density foam from a fabric store and used a pillow case (total of $10) and use waterproof pads on it." -- Shana
Baby Shoes 4 of 17
"Shoes for Baby. They are useless and always fall off!! I thought since it is cold where we live we would use the little booties but they became such a hassle. We just used footie pajamas to keep his feet warm and it worked great!" —Emily H.
Burp Cloths 5 of 17
"Burp cloths are useless, using a receiving blanket works much better. I tried using burp cloths, and whenever my daughter did spit up, it never actually hit the burp cloth. Instead, it hit my shoulder about 2 inches from the burp cloth. Babies can be quite projectile spitters!"

— Brittany
Rocking Chair 6 of 17
"I was obsessed about getting a rocking chair for the nursery. Due to finances, we never ended up getting one which I actually am glad we didn't. We seemed to manage just fine without ever having one. It definitely would've been money wasted in my eyes."

Crib Bedding Sets 7 of 17
"All those expensive and cute crib bedding sets—pointless. Technically you shouldn't have all that stuff in a baby's crib due to the risk of SIDS. I never ended up using the comforter and bumper. I recommend just going to purchase some crib sheets and a breathable crib bumper ... Don't waste hundreds of dollars on stuff you can't use."

Diaper Disposal Systems 8 of 17
"When I had my daughter five years ago, I thought I absolutely needed a Diaper Genie! I figured out quickly that it was too much of a hassle, and way too much money to keep buying refills just to throw away dirty diapers. Now with the new baby here it is much easier to collect dirty diapers in a Wal-Mart baggie and toss 'em!"

Sterilizer 9 of 17
"The biggest waste is a sterilizer. If you really need to disinfect something you can just boil it instead of spending $80!"

Fancy Baby Bottles 10 of 17
"Expensive fancy bottles turned out to be a waste for our baby. I learned I was the only one being picky about which one he would take! He doesn't care as long as that bottle is full."

Cradle 11 of 17
"For me, it was the cradle. She used it for two weeks and then we moved her into her crib and she has been in it ever since. The cradle just takes up space now."

Electric Bottle Warmer 12 of 17
"An electric bottle warmer. It takes longer to warm up a cold bottle from the fridge than it does to just stick the bottle in a glass of hot water for a few minutes."

—Rebecca B
Baby Monitor 13 of 17
"Our house is 864 square feet, but somehow we thought we'd need a baby monitor. In the beginning, we used it, but then we could hear every little sound the baby made and we couldn't sleep. When the baby cried, there was no need for the monitor because the baby's bedroom was right next to ours, and we were jolted out of our sleep."

Newborn Clothing 14 of 17
"Don't buy too many newborn or 0-3 months clothing. They grow out of these sizes so fast, you end up packing away clothes with price tags still on them. Our son could barely fit into newborn sizes and was in 6 months clothing at 3 months!"

Cheap Diapers 15 of 17
"The most useless thing to me is cheap diapers. They are pointless! You have to use twice as many because they just leak through and then you have more laundry too."

—Chelsea M.
Shopping Cart Cover 16 of 17
"Shopping cart cover. It's just too much of a hassle so we just wipe it down really well before we stick him in it, it's too hard to try and manage him, his stuff and wrestle with the cover."

—Cyndi F.
Diaper Stacker 17 of 17
"A diaper stacker. Yes, they're cute and sometimes are available to match your bedding set, but I never used mine. It just hung there until I threw it in the closet. I just put my diapers on the shelf of my changing table, or in a basket. Who has time to fill a cloth diaper stacker anyway?"

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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