Mommy and Baby Matching Outfits: Fashion Faux Pas?

Matching mommy, daughter AND doll PJs...could it possibly get any better?! My inner-child thinks not.

When I was a kid I always wanted my mom and I to have matching dresses.  I always envisioned something in the style of those puffy Daisy Kingdom numbers.  Thank goodness my mom never went along with this, since it would’ve been the epitome of cheesiness and a poignant example of awkward family photos for years to come.

But, I’ve realized as of late that I just might be attempting to relive this dream (however inadvertently) through my own daughter.  I’ve noticed lately that once we’re already dressed for the day, our outfits have ended up being strikingly similar.  Sometimes I feel like we could maybe be in one of those “Who Wore It Better” articles – though obviously she’d win hands down every time since everything is cuter on a baby.

While this matchy matchiness has been unintentional (I swear!), I can’t help but wonder if this potential fashion faux pas my psyche’s not-so-subtle way of meeting my unfulfilled childhood dream.  Hmmmmm….  I’m not gonna lie though – even though it’s a little cheesy, I still think it’s kind of cute.  Maybe I might even try to start matching intentionally…too much?

Check out our mommy-baby-matchiness after the jump!

  • Exhibit A: 1 of 3
    Exhibit A:
    Buffalo plaid - My shirt was blue, hers was black. Definitely matching, but way cooler than a puffy Daisy Kingdom dress with bunnies on it.
  • Exhibit B: 2 of 3
    Exhibit B:
    Floral print - Mine was in dress form, hers was a onesie. It was the first sunny day in ages, so flowers just seemed appropriate.
  • Exhibit C: 3 of 3
    Exhibit C:
    Red, White and Blue - Ignore the fact that we look like we're getting ready to go to a 4th of July BBQ, but I kind of love this color coordination and mixing of patterns.

Main photo: {Matching Pajamas via The Company Store}

Do you and your baby ever end up matching?

Is it on intentional or inadvertent?


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