Things I Really Want For Mother's Day

...none of them can be bought in a store, but they're all totally selfish.

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I’ve been day dreaming about gifts I’d enjoy receiving to celebrate my first year of motherhood.  While I would never turn up my nose at diamonds, chocolate, flowers or a sweet, little, plaster, baby hand print the gifts on my list cannot be bought in a store.

Now, before you think I’ve turned all noble, let me stop you.  I’m not hoping for unlimited hugs from my baby or world peace or anything like that.  The things on my list are still selfish, but just can’t be bought in a store (think: flat abs).

Read on to see what I really want for Mother’s Day.  I’m curious if anything on my wish list is on yours too!

  • Uninterrupted sleep 1 of 8
    Uninterrupted sleep
    Do I even need to explain this one? I'd like 12 (yes 12) uninterrupted hours please. I'd settle for 8 though.
  • To not have to wear a belly band anymore 2 of 8
    To not have to wear a belly band anymore
    My newfound hips just aren't quite sure what to do in jeans anymore, thus the belly band from my maternity days is still getting plenty of play in my wardrobe. I would be pretty excited to be able to wear my jeans without a band again.
  • A flat tummy 3 of 8
    A flat tummy
    I never considered my tummy to be flat pre-baby, but post-baby...well, those pre-baby abs are looking pretty good about now.
  • Hair that doesn’t suck 4 of 8
    Hair that doesn't suck
    All of those glorious pregnancy hormones that made my hair shiny and long and beautiful have dissipated and given way to dull and lifeless hair and bald spots. Hair that doesn't suck would be much appreciated.
  • To be able to wear a pretty dress. 5 of 8
    To be able to wear a pretty dress.
    Wearing a dress without having to consider the logistics of nursing is something I dream about daily. The cobwebs happening in the dress section of my closet make me sad. All I want is to wear a pretty dress. Preferably this one from Ruche.
  • My own personal chef 6 of 8
    My own personal chef
    Cooking with a three-month-old in tow is near impossible and a personal chef would be the most amazing gift ever. I suppose a personal chef could be purchased, but it's not exactly in our budget.
  • Boobs that are fun and not just functional 7 of 8
    Boobs that are fun and not just functional
    Ahhh the pre-breast feeding days when boobs were just feminine and lovely. I'd like fun boobs again please - and maybe this pretty Stella McCartney bra to go with them.
  • A day all about me 8 of 8
    A day all about me
    This day would include coffee, ice cream and shopping all by myself. It would be amazing.


What intangibles are on your Mother’s Day wish list?


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