Music To Soothe The Savage Beast & Let Yo Baby Get Down

I don't actually know anything about Pink Floyd.

All week long we’ve had family in town, and one thing that keeps coming up is music. We’ll be sitting in a restaurant, enjoying some kickin’ ambient music, when it starts . . .

“So, do you play a lot of music for Huck?”

“He really enjoys this beat, do you dance a lot to music at home?”

“Well, you should really play some music for him sometime! What is wrong with you?”


Here is where I need your help, Babblefriendos. The idea of picking and playing music for my baby stresses me out somehow. After the jump, I am going to explain unto you my issues, therapist style, and then you are going to give me your advice. (I mean, not to be pushy or anything, but, you are.)

So. It is like I am mentally blocked when it comes to introducing music to my baby. The weirdest part is, I’m a music person! I think? I mean, I sang in honors choir in high school, and a capella jazz at a cafe in college . . . and we sing at home all the time (Disney, but you didn’t ask). I love music only I never listen to it at home. Does that mean I don’t really love music? Deep thoughts. I mean, if we had a car it would be a no-brainer. Only, we live in the city (should I wire some speakers up in Huck’s stroller? Oh! And a subwoofer!)

Here’s the thing: I really want my kid to have good taste in music. A little Simon & Garfunkle, some Beatles, or The Ramones? AC/DC? Grateful Dead maybe? (I’ve never listened to the Grateful Dead before. ) And Bieber, duh. I very nearly pulled the plug on a set of Rock’n’Roll CDs that take songs from Bob Marley and Coldplay and remix them using soothing xylophones or whatever, but then I couldn’t do it. Something rang false. I mean, shouldn’t we just go for the real thing? And also, dude, I know nothing about Bob Marley.

Mull these questions over in your brain parts and tell me how to go about this:

1. What classic rock/not-so-nasty punk/awesome hair metal bands do you recommend for introducing to awesome four-month-olds?

2. How do you incorporate music into your home on the daily? When? What time? Do you dance? Just background music? Do you hold deep, inquisitive discussions with your children about what Yellow Submarine is really about? Or do you just roll with it? Probably Yellow Submarine actually means nothing, what do I know.

3. What equipment do you recommend? CD player? iPod dock? Straight from the iTunes on your laptop? The radio???

4. Good albums/singles I need to buy on iTunes RIGHT THIS MINUTE?

Thanks, dudes. You know I heart you.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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