My 25 Favorite Instagram Moms

25 Favorite Instagram MomsHi. My name is Lauren and I’m an Instagramaholic.

OK, maybe it’s not quite that extreme, but I really do love me some Instagram.

One of my favorite parts about this social networking platform is the awesome community of people it has helped me connect with and been inspired by. There is a particularly great community of moms and I look forward to seeing their photos in my daily feed.

But, I didn’t want to just keep all this lovely photo inspiration to myself, so I’m sharing a list of some of my favorite IG mamas that you should be following!

Any Instagram mamas you think I should be following that aren’t on this list?

  • @danniremender 1 of 25
    Danni Remender is by far my favorite mum (she's English, with the loveliest accent) on Instagram. Her feed is like a breath of fresh air. Her photos are bright and airy and her children are the cutest and always dressed in the best ensembles. Check out her feed - you won't be disappointed.
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  • @heartandhabit 2 of 25
    Brandy Mercredi has a kid's/family style blog called Heart & Habit (formerly "Baby Blackbird") that is interspersed with tidbits from her sweet family's life that is one of my absolute favorites. She shares kid's outfit inspiration and mini street style and her Instagram feed is filled with adorable photos of her little family - primarily her little one's Kingston and Harlow. They are so stinking adorable!
    Follow her on Instagram @heartandhabit
  • @thedoeorthedeer 3 of 25
    Jess Youngsma's Instagram never ceases to make me laugh. She approaches motherhood with a sense of humor and while I love the photos in her IG feed, her captions are the absolute best. She says all the things about parenting that everyone is thinking but doesn't actually say out loud and I love her for it.
    Follow her on Instagram @thedoeorthedeer
  • @kassibacquet 4 of 25
    Kassi is a California transplant living in Texas and raising a brood of little surfers. Much of her feed is comprised of her five children (including two newborn twins - so precious!) and the beach and it makes me happy. I've had the privilege of meeting this lovely lady as well, and I can vouch that she is just as awesome in person as her IG feed would indicate.
    Follow her on Instagram @kassibacquet
  • @bleubird 5 of 25
    If you don't know Miss James of the blog Bleubird, you've probably been living under a rock, but I had to include her in this round up, because her Instagram feed is definitely a favorite of mine. As much as I want to not like her, because she just seems so darn perfect, I can't. Her family of six is adorable and she seems super sweet and down-to-earth and is always inspiring with lovely photos and creative content over at her blog. Definitely a must-follow IG mama.
    Follow James on Instagram @bleubird
  • @margejacobsen 6 of 25
    Margaret Jacobsen is an amazing Portland based photographer and she and her children are some of the prettiest people on the planet. Fact. Aside from their amazing hair and awesome style, they're super fun. Margaret's love for life and fun with her family shines through on her feed and brings a smile to my face daily.
    Follow her on Instagram @margejacobsen
  • @beckarobinson 7 of 25
    The thing I enjoy most about Becka's IG feed is that despite being a mama to almost-one-year-old Cadence, she hasn't lost her sense of self. While there are definitely photos of her little man interspersed throughout, she also captures life as she see it as an artist through the lens of her iPhone
    Follow her on Instagram @beckarobinson
  • @thealisonshow 8 of 25
    Alison is the craftiest crafty pants you'll ever meet. I love seeing all her awesome creations on Instagram, along with photos of her little GiGi. Also, she's super funny and doesn't take herself too seriously - definitely a plus in my book.
    Follow her on Instagram @thealisonshow
  • @unrulythings 9 of 25
    Alyson Brown is a many things: a graphic designer, blogger at Unruly Things, a mama to Wolf and a fellow Oregonian. I love seeing the story she tells through photos and seeing what life with a little boy is like.
    Follow her on Instagram @unrulythings
  • @mamawatters 10 of 25
    Amanda has a little one named Stella and she and Fern are style soul mates. I can't tell you how many times we've noticed Stella and Fern's closet similarities. I always love seeing the photos she captures of her sweet girl and taking a bit of style inspiration from both her and her fashionable little!
    Follow her on Instagram @mamawatters
  • @armelle_blog 11 of 25
    Caroline is a jewelry designer and mama of three and her feed is always inspiring. Her family looks like they walked off the pages of a J.Crew catalog and I enjoy all of her lovely and bright photos that document it all.
    Follow her on Instagram @armelle_blog
  • @thelittlest 12 of 25
    Elizabeth Antonia is quite the busy miss! Being an art director, designer, blogger at The Littlest and mama to Elodie and Francesca keeps her busy, but she still manages to find the time to capture it all in her lovely Instagram feed.
    Follow her on Instagram thelittlest@
  • @houseinhabit 13 of 25
    The feed of Jessica Kraus is another that I find particularly inspiring. She and her husband Mike are the makers of the wildly popular House Inhabit teepees and have spent their recent years remodeling a home in Corona California. I love looking to her feed for design inspiration after reading a feature on her home, because I so appreciate her design philosophy. She also has some pretty darn cute boys.
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  • @amommyinthecity 14 of 25
    Lauren Jimeson is a fellow Babble blogger at Baby's First Year and I love watching her little ladies Harlan and Avery as they grow up in the hustle and bustle of NYC. New York is so different from Oregon where I live, so I appreciate seeing how life is different for them and her family is just so sweet!
    Follow her on Instagram @amommyinthecity
  • @kristinadarling 15 of 25
    Kristina is a wife to a chef named Ian and a mama to Atticus. Her feed makes me want to have a stylish little boy and also makes me wish we were neighbors.
    Follow her on Instagram @kristinadarling
  • @madebylon 16 of 25
    Madelon's Instagram feed is filled with bright pops of color and modern design. Her children are beautiful and I basically want my house to look exactly like hers. Is that weird? Maybe, but true.
    Follow her on Instagram @madebylon
  • @amarabarra 17 of 25
    Lawny lives and works in Canada as a mama to a little man and a new baby girl and builder/decorator of a tiny modular cabin. I love seeing all the photos of her decor finds for her cabin and seeing all the photos of her family playing in the snow makes me want to pack my bags and move to a cabin in Canada too!
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  • @rynomiandtheboys 18 of 25
    This Instagram feed is chock full of photos of Naomi's little family and more often than not of her two adorable boys dressed in some form of costume of another. Gets me every time. You'll also find lots of party planning inspiration.
    Follow her on Instagram @
  • @crannyandme 19 of 25
    Crafts. Cute Kids. Pretty colors. That about sums up the lovely you'll find in this Portlander's feed.
    Follow her on Instagram @crannyandme
  • @traci_45walldesign 20 of 25
    I first discovered Traci Yau of 45 Wall Design when I saw photos of the amazingly awesome Beatles themed birthday party she put together for her daughter Emilia's birthday. Then, I saw the amazingly awesome DIY coffee shop she created for Emilia all over Pinterest and basically decided Traci was amazingly awesome and I needed to follow her feed. I love all the cute photos she posts of Emilia and their Eichler home - both are lovely!
    Follow her on Instagram @traci_45walldesign
  • @smallfryblog 21 of 25
    The Instagram feed of one of my most favorite children's lifestyle blogs - Small Fry. These three ladies are geniuses and everything they do is magic! I love that their feed is like a 3 for 1 special where you get to see all their adorable families and creative endeavors in one place.
    Follow her on Instagram @smallfryblog
  • @fawnandforest 22 of 25
    Three cute boys and one seriously design savvy mama. Owner of the online store Fawn & Forest, Summer Robertson brings "good design for the entire family" and who can't appreciate that?
    Follow her on Instagram @fawnandforest
  • @ali_fiff 23 of 25
    Ali was a fellow blogger on Babble awhile back and even though we're no longer blogging together, I still love keeping up with her family and DIY house revamping endeavors via Instagram!
    Follow her on Instagram @ali_fiff
  • @happilyeverylyafter 24 of 25
    Hannah's IG feed is filled with photo cuteness of her littles Jaden and Everly. I look forward to seeing their sweet interactions in my feed daily.
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  • @dearestdaughters 25 of 25
    If ever I wanted to raid a child's closet it would be the closet of Jessica's dearest daughters Ella and Olivia. The cuteness overflows from this feed and kind of makes me want to have another baby so Fern can have a sister. A new favorite of mine for sure!
    Follow her on Instagram @dearestdaughters
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