My 5 Most Favorite iPhone Photo Apps

I’ve mentioned before that I almost exclusively take all of my baby’s photos with my iPhone.  It’s quick and convenient and the photos are great.  They’re obviously not the same quality as photos from a fancy pants DSLR, but I’m ok with that, because there’s no way I’d ever actual lug around one of those giant cameras.  That’s not to say that I don’t like the idea, but I just know myself and I know it would never happen.

Since I use my iPhone to take photos non-stop, I’ve discovered some great apps to enhance my photos along the way.

Here are five of my favorites…


  • Instagram 1 of 5
    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've most certainly already heard of this app. It offers a variety of filters to liven up your photos as well as a way to share your photos with friends through a live photo stream. I love the simplicity of this app and the fact that it takes my simple iPhone photos to the next level.
    Download Instagram (free) via the iPhone App Store
  • VSCO Cam 2 of 5
    VSCO Cam
    This app is basically amazing. It allows you to edit photos with minimal, but stunning processing via a simple, streamlined interface. The simple edits you can make with this app give photos a lovely and effortless texture and color reminiscent of film.
    Download VSCO Cam ($.99) via the iPhone App Store
  • PicFrame 3 of 5
    PicFrame allows you to compile multiple photos into one frame. It's a great way to let your photos tell a story via photo collage.
    Download PicFrame (free) via the iPhone App Store
  • Phonto 4 of 5
    I love Phonto. It offers an array of free fonts that can be added to your photos and best of all, it's free!
    Download Phonto (free) via the iPhone App Store
  • SigNote 5 of 5
    This app is my absolute favorite as of late. It allows you to photograph your handwritten notes and overlay them on photos - the modern equivalent of writing on the back of film photos and a sweet and sentimental touch.
    Download SigNote ($.99) via the iPhone App Store

What photo apps are your favorites?  I’d love suggestions!


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