My Baby Beach Bum

On my last post Lo commented…

Please Roni tell us more about how Little Bean is doing on the beach. How long do you stay out in the sun, the temperatures there, what are you doing to make him comfortable (except breastfeeding that is) etc…

I’d be happy to Lo!

I just ended day 2 here on my week long Jersey Shore trip and had another successful day at the beach with Little Bean, who’s now 4 months!

The weather has been in the 90s, but with that great ocean breeze it hasn’t felt that hot. Our routine has been working out pretty well. Bean wakes up sometime between 6-7. I nurse and then have breakfast with the 6 year old. Around 9AM we start to get ready for the beach. This is when the carrier comes in handy…

I couldn’t imagine bringing a stroller on the beach. As I may have let on in previous posts, I hate STUFF. Before kids I’d go to the beach with a towel and a bottle of water. If that. Of course, that’s pretty much out of the question now.

Thankfully we are here with the Grandparents so they handle the umbrella. I’ve never been a big umbrella on the beach type of person, but with an infant it’s almost a must have. In addition, we have chairs, beach toys, and this little gem I found at a consignment shop…

It’s like a beach bassinet. For the life of me I can NOT find it online anywhere. I wanted to share a link because it is a nifty little portable device perfect for a napping infant.

According to the tag it offers SPF 40 sun protection and has these great nets to keep out bugs and sand.

By the time we actually make it to the beach (just a short walk but getting out of the house is, well, you know) Little Bean is pretty much ready for his nap. The last two days he’s immediately fallen asleep in the bassinet.

About 2 hours later he’ll start to stir and I’ll nurse him. Yesterday he pretty much went back down, but today he stayed up and hung out on my lap in the shade.

The water was a big no-no for Bean. As soon as his toes hit it, he made the silent cry face. I find this hysterical as he LOVES the bath. I’m now of the theory that it’s not the water he likes but the heat. This kid just does NOT like anything cold at all.

So on the beach we sit. About another hour or so I try to put him back down. Both yesterday and today he only dosed for about a half hour. So the husband and I take him for a short walk right about lunch time. Maybe 3-4 hours after arriving at the beach.

Today when we got back from the walk he fell right asleep for another 2 hours! It was glorious! That makes about a 6 hour beach shift. Yesterday about the same, maybe a little less.

He seems to be taking it all in stride. The sand doesn’t bother him much, although he’ doesn’t nurse as well on the beach. I’m thinking it’s a sand/salt thing?? Maybe the heat? Who knows. He has no problems any other time so I’m not worried.

Here we are after today’s trip. We had a blast! (Big Brother was in the shower which is a story in and of itself!)

Honestly, I enjoy having baby on the beach. This is a yearly trip for us. The husband and I have never missed a year in our 17 years. With big brother the week fell on his 1 month birthday and I enjoyed taking him as well. Although I don’t think we stayed out quite as long back then. We didn’t have another child to entertain. 🙂

Hope that helps Lo!

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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