My Baby Doesn’t Remember Temperatures Above Freezing

baby-and-winterDear Baby,

It’s not always freezing. Winter is almost over but I’m afraid you don’t know that. New York City has had snow and ice on the ground continuously for almost a month now. You must think that it will forever and always be below 32 degrees. Can you remember any of last summer, or even last fall? Do you know that sunshine exists? That it can be possible to go outside without a coat or hat or mittens or even shoes?

I wish there was a way to tell you. I promise that there is so much more to life than being stuck in the house. There are playgrounds, beaches and gardens all waiting to be discovered. Speaking of gardens, did you know that bushes and trees sometimes grow leaves!? They are usually green in color and their varieties are spectacularly endless. And then there are the flowers — they will especially blow your mind!

Spring is coming, I promise!

Love, Mom

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