6 Essentials My Baby and I Couldn’t Live Without (Months 3-6)

We moved into a new house nearly two months ago. It was our big move from the city to the suburbs. As a family of five living in a small two-bedroom apartment, it was finally time for us to come to terms with needing more space and not being able to find it in a city that we loved.

Our apartment had become more of a place for all of our stuff more than a place that we really felt at home. I was constantly tripping over baby gear or stepping on miniature princess figurines. I told my husband that when we packed up our apartment, we really needed to take a good look at what were necessities and what weren’t.

As a mom of three, I have kept nearly every single baby item from the past five years. Add onto that new baby gear that I’ve accumulated along the way and I had so much more than I needed or could even handle.

Babies don’t need as much as we think they do. Most of the time as long as we can feed them and change them and give them something to sleep on, they are completely fine with that. The first three months are by far the months that we probably need the most baby products. I had my favorites that got me through those first three months, and while I still use many of them, Macks has gotten to the stage of needing less and less, which I love.

Although he doesn’t need much, there are several baby products that have made our lives easier during these past three months. Check out my must-have baby products that were essentials during months 3-6 with Macks.

Finn + Emma Play Gym 1 of 6
One of Macks' favorite things to do is reach out and grab things. He grabs nearly everything in sight. I love to lay him down on his back and put the Finn + Emma play gym above his head so that he can grab away. I love this play gym because not only is it great looking baby gear, but the toys that hang from it are interchangeable.

The wooden toys are made of safe and eco-friendly materials so I don’t have to worry about Macks chewing on them. Also, the knit toys are made of organic cotton and I love to take them off to attach them to Macks car seat so that he can play and chew while on the go.

In addition, it has two different heights so I can easily adjust it if I want him to play while sitting in his bouncer. It’s a highly versatile toy that I can see him wanting to play with for many months!

Get the Finn + Emma play gym here for $135
Bumbo 2 of 6
Macks can’t completely sit up on his own yet, but loves to try. If he’s sitting with me, then I can easily help give him the rest of the support he needs, but there are many times when he wants to sit on the floor and play around and laugh at his sisters.

The Bumbo is a great support for letting him sit up and watch everything around him. I always bring it to the beach with us because it lets him sit and enjoy the day and I can easily wash it off when we get home.

I love the versatility of the product and will soon use it when he starts on solids so that I can sit him up and put some food for him to grab on the tray that attaches to it.

Get it here for $34.99
Baby Einstein Activity Jumper 3 of 6
I’ve had this jumper since my oldest was born nearly five years ago and it continues to keep everyone entertained.

Macks loves to grab the toys, press the buttons on the piano, and just recently his favorite thing to do is jump up and down. My girls love to play with him when he’s in this because he is seated upright and can easily see them at eye level.

I love the durability of the product and that after going through both girls, it still looks and works as good as new!

Get it here for $109.99
Ergobaby Four Position 360 Carrier 4 of 6
I love wearing Macks and try to do it as often as I can. He loves to be held, but with two other kids that need my attention, it’s hard to do that all the time. Putting him in the carrier gives me back my hands to be able to help the girls, while still giving him the comfort of being held.

I’ve used the Ergobaby with my girls, but I love their newest one because I can face him outwards sometimes to see everything, like when we go to the aquarium or the zoo.

Get it here for $160
Zohne Sound Machine 5 of 6
We recently transitioned Macks to his own room and this was the very first product that I put in it. I started using sound machines with my youngest daughter and it helped her sleep, so I immediately started using this when Macks was born and still sleeping in our room.

It helps him relax and he also associates it with it being time to sleep. While we still don’t 100% have the transition down, he knows that when I put him in his crib and turn on the sound machine, it’s time for bed. It also helps drown out the noise from his sisters who are just in the room right next to him.

Get it here for $74.95
Stokke Flexi Bath 6 of 6
I didn’t use a bathtub with my youngest daughter because we didn’t have space in our apartment to store one. I usually bathed her in the sink which was a pain for both of us. Our sink in the new house nearly made it impossible. I knew that I couldn’t rely on our sink because it wasn’t comfortable and I also wanted an option that would both grow with him while not taking up a lot of storage space.

The Stokke Flexi Bath is great because it is big enough that even my youngest daughter could fit in it, but it also folds flat so I can easily tuck it away when we aren’t using it. It has an infant insert that we use for Macks because he can’t quite sit up on his own yet, which has helped a lot during his baths. He loves bath time and it’s much more relaxing for all of us.

Get it here for $40
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