6 Essentials My Baby and I Couldn’t Live Without (Months 3-6)

We moved into a new house nearly two months ago. It was our big move from the city to the suburbs. As a family of five living in a small two-bedroom apartment, it was finally time for us to come to terms with needing more space and not being able to find it in a city that we loved.

Our apartment had become more of a place for all of our stuff more than a place that we really felt at home. I was constantly tripping over baby gear or stepping on miniature princess figurines. I told my husband that when we packed up our apartment, we really needed to take a good look at what were necessities and what weren’t.

As a mom of three, I have kept nearly every single baby item from the past five years. Add onto that new baby gear that I’ve accumulated along the way and I had so much more than I needed or could even handle.

Babies don’t need as much as we think they do. Most of the time as long as we can feed them and change them and give them something to sleep on, they are completely fine with that. The first three months are by far the months that we probably need the most baby products. I had my favorites that got me through those first three months, and while I still use many of them, Macks has gotten to the stage of needing less and less, which I love.

Although he doesn’t need much, there are several baby products that have made our lives easier during these past three months. Check out my must-have baby products that were essentials during months 3-6 with Macks.


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