My Baby is in the 100th Percentile for Cute

Baby G - Rockin' the 10 Month Check-Up

Baby G just had her ten month check-up and apparently, she’s pretty much perfect. No, really, that’s EXACTLY what Dr. Glover said when he examined her – she’s P.E.R.F.E.C.T.   Of course, I am getting this info second-hand, since Jon had to take her to the check-up without me,  neglectful working mother that I am. But I’m pretty sure that’s how Jon relayed the info about the appointment to me; the pediatrician just went ON and ON and ON about how amazingly well-formed and accomplished Miss G has become.

In all seriousness, this baby who was super-mini-fun-sized at under 5 lbs when we brought her home from the hospital 6 weeks early seems to have pretty much caught up. She now weighs 17.5 pounds, which is around the 25th percentile, and she’s doing absolutely everything she is apparently supposed to be doing developmentally. As I’ve mentioned, she’s a crawlin’ fool, and she just had her very first tooth poke through her bottom gum. She’s now gobbling up everything from applesauce to pasta to fried chicken,  and she has three words. She says “hiiiiiii” in this awesome southern drawl, while waving one arm in the air, and she also says, “NONONONO” and shakes her head from side to side for emphasis. To Jon’s great pride, she also says “dada,” and there’s no doubt she’s referring to her papa, whom she adores.

Weirdly, she STILL can’t sit up on her own. Isn’t that odd? She’s doing all these things, but she can’t get herself off of her belly in order to sit up. But I’m not worried about that any more. Dr. G seems to think that whatever preemie developmental things that might have shown up would have shown up by now. He’s been my kids’ pediatrician for 16 years now, so when he tells me everything is copacetic – that I can relax – I take him at his word…or in this case, at his word as communicated to me via Jon.

Oh, and the check-up apparently also revealed that G is in the 100th percentile for cute. But of course, I already knew that.

We are blessed. She is a blessing.



Article Posted 5 years Ago

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