My Baby’s Favorite Non-Toy Toys

African American baby playing with the letter AI think there’s a mathematical law that states that the more expensive the toy, the more the baby it was bought for will want to play with the box it came in instead of the toy itself. This holds true until kids are old enough to get into video game systems or American Girl dolls, at which point the toy and all of its extortionately priced accessories becomes an obsession. But for babies, real toys are a hit or miss proposition.

This is the only explanation I have for why my daughter will usually ignore the large basket of lovingly selected baby toys – many with “educational” benefits –  in favor of a random assortment of household objects. With my first child, I would try to redirect him toward his own toys but with my second baby? Nope. If she wants to amuse herself with a pair of socks or plastic cup, I say have at it. She’s happy, I’m happy. It’s all good.

The end result is that she’s accumulated an odd collection of non-toys that I’ve surrendered entirely to her. Click through to see what my baby plays with instead of baby toys! And share your baby’s favorite non-toys as well!

  • Bag It Up 1 of 8
    Bag It Up
    She absolutely loves to mess around with this bag. I say it's a sign of budding good taste!
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  • What’s Cooking? 2 of 8
    What's Cooking?
    Old salad tongs are great for banging on the floor.
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  • Spoonful of Sugar 3 of 8
    Spoonful of Sugar
    She'll sit in her high chair while I eat if she has a spoon to play with. Real toys she tosses over the side.
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  • Brush Up 4 of 8
    Brush Up
    She doesn't have enough hair to really brush but the rubberized handle feels good to bite, apparently.
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  • Lace-y 5 of 8
    It's probably not good to let her chew on the shoelaces of my boots, huh?
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  • Stylin’ 6 of 8
    The diffuser from my hair dryer keeps her occupied while I get dressed. Sadly, this means my hair usually looks frizzy because, um, I can't use my diffuser.
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  • Playing on Empty 7 of 8
    Playing on Empty
    She won't drink from a bottle but the nipples are her favorite teethers.
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  • Mani-Pedi? 8 of 8
    She loves to play with nail files. Now if only she'd actually file her nails with them so I wouldn't have to trim them!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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