My Childless Friends Dumped Me

So Long!

Before I had kids I can certainly say I was the life of the party. I had many friends, went out nightly, and had a ton of girlfriends.

Then I had kids.

It almost seemed like everyone was on board, but the moment baby shower invites went out and it became real, they all jumped ship.  It was the Titanic of friendships … and they were all sinking.

I would call, leave messages … no one would return them. Even my best friend of 10 years at that point. Sad!

I continued to do what I had to do to become a good mother and take care of my kids. I mean, seriously, what are you supposed to do?  Be a giant d-bag and ditch your kid for your friends?  No, thank you, this isn’t an episode of MTV’s Teen Mom.

Over this time, I met new friends: some mothers, some not. Some who planned on having children in the future, some who consider my kids a permanent form of birth control for them. Right, Amanda?

As time went on, some friends that jumped ship came back around, and some stayed far away and made excuses for their split.  But with each child it became crystal clear.

The real friends who I could count on stayed around. And those who weren’t worth much as a friend got the boot. Because of course, I don’t need fair-weather friends around me and my kids. What kind of example would it show them?

I know I am not the only mother out there who went through this and I have always wondered what everyone else does and how you “pick up the pieces” and move on, because four years and three kids later, I still struggle with it every once and a while.

So, moms: dish!
How did you deal with all the fair weather friends that jumped ship at the sign of your baby bump?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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