My Christmas Wish for my Daughter

My Dearest Avery,

It is your very first Christmas! Although you are too young to understand and will probably never remember this milestone, I will make sure that it is one that is never forgotten. This is the very first Christmas that I get to spend with you. I’ll watch as you look around the room with that curious look in your eyes wondering what these brightly wrapped boxes are that surround you. I’ll see you giggle with delight as your sister helps you rip open your gifts. I’ll smile at the joy in your eyes when you see the new toys that Santa brought you.

It’s because of you and your sister that Christmas now brings on an entirely new meaning in my life. There is no greater Christmas gift that I could ever receive than the smiles that you give me everyday.

As we celebrate Christmas, I want you to know that there is nothing else in the world that I would ever want to receive than this one wish that I have for you. Avery, you are growing before my very own eyes. Next Christmas will look entirely different than it will tomorrow. You will be walking, talking, and opening your own gifts. Although I can’t slow down time, I will make sure to cherish every moment I have with you.

As you get older and continue to grow, I wish that you will always have that joy that I see you experience every single day. You are so happy all of the time. I envy that you’re the most laid back and easy going little girl I know. It’s one of the many traits that I love about you and that I wish that I had myself.

So tonight, on your very first Christmas Eve, as I lay my head down on my pillow, I’ll wish that Santa brings you nothing but joy and love to last a lifetime. I hope that you will always remember the pure elation that you bring me day after day. I love you, Little A. Merry Christmas.


Your Mommy

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