My Diaper Bag Alternative

When I found out I was pregnant with my first, I was always online searching for a diaper bag. I wanted it to be stylish, yet still practical for both me and the baby. I thought I found the perfect one and spent way too much money buying it. When Harlan was born and I finally had the chance to use it, I realized that it just wasn’t the right one for me.

Nearly three years later, I am still looking for the perfect diaper bag. I searched and searched for a new one when I was pregnant with Avery. I was convinced that a company had come out with one that would fit all of my needs since having Harlan. But after months of searching, it still wasn’t out there. Rather than buying a diaper bag I wouldn’t be comfortable with, I went another route.

Instead of searching for a diaper bag, I searched for a bag that I loved and would be able to use for my things and the baby’s things. Of course that search didn’t take very long and I found a bag that worked right away.

I purchased a great tote bag that was stylish enough for me to wear even when I wasn’t with the baby. It would be able to fit all of the stuff that I needed as well as the things that I need for both Avery and Harlan.

I used to pack my diaper bag full of stuff that I thought I would need. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared for anything that could happen while we were out. I realized after lugging a heavy bag around for a while and never using half of the stuff that I packed in their, that it just wasn’t practical.

In addition to buying the tote, I also bought a few pouches to go inside so that I could easily store (and find) all of Avery’s accessories. One small bag has her Huggies diapers, another has her chew toys, and another has Harlan’s snacks. The pouches have made it easy for me to take out when I am going out by myself and need to transfer all of the baby things over to whoever is watching the girls.

It’s a solution that works for me when I’m with the girls or without, and that’s why I love it.

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