My Favorite Age – What's Yours?

Little Bean is entering my favorite stage of babyhood! 9 months. He has a few weeks to go but already exhibiting everything I love about this age.

I may joke about him getting into trouble now that he’s crawling but the truth is: I love it! He’s shows an interest in everything. He’s still small enough to wear. He can’t talk back (I can appreciate this with a six-year-old in the house.) He’s easily distracted by the simplest things. And he smiles ALL. THE. TIME.

Case in point: While writing this I planned to snap a quick picture of him playing on the floor to use in the post. He noticed and just HAD to come and investigate….

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    Just taking a quick pic of him playing.
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    Uh Oh. He's caught a glimpse.
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    And here he comes!
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    Help me up Mom!
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    What is this contraption with all the buttons!
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    Can I play?
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How cute was that? He just want to check out everything!

Of course there are things I don’t like about this stage: The separation anxiety, the back arching, the crying when you have to take something away, but — and I learned this from my first — parenting will never be as fun or as easy as it is right now. It only gets more complicated as they get older. I still love it, but it’s not as simple. Moms of older kids, do you agree?

Do you have favorite age? What do you like about it?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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