My Favorite Baby Things For My 6 Month Old

My baby just turned six months old and what a wonderful ride it’s been! Baby N has grown up to be a happy little girl who can sit up on her own, play with her growing collection of toys, and even enjoys some solid foods now — a good thing, too, since she still isn’t into bottles. Being able to leave her with a baby sitter and know she’ll suck down pureed pears instead of going hungry until I come back is a load off my mind.

Even though six months doesn’t seem like that long a time, it’s a world of difference in how babies play and what they prefer. The things I was using every day when N was a newborn are being packed away now to make way for toys and gear more suited to an older baby. I’m bringing out toys that she can manipulate with her little hands, things she can safely chew on as teethers, and — maybe more important — places where I can set her down for a moment and not have to worry that she’s going to topple over! My girl is trying to pull up and crawl! She’s not able to get anywhere just yet but she can get stuck on her belly in no time and before I know it, she’ll be on the move.

Here are some of the things I’m using every day now that N is 6 months old!

  • Bugaboo Bee Stroller 1 of 10
    This stroller is a total splurge item. I got it as a gift when my son was born but I highly recommend it if you're going to use one regularly. It's lightweight, compact and durable, great for city streets and indoor use. Both my kids have loved riding in it!
    Purchase from Bugaboo.com for $649
  • Grobag Sleep Sack 2 of 10
    My sister handed this down to me. I started using it after N gave up the swaddle. It's soft and snuggly with easy to fasten shoulder straps. It's also large enough that it will last for several growth spurts.
    Purchase from Amazon.com for $42.80
  • Saucer 3 of 10
    This is an ideal spot to set the baby when I need to take a shower. She's amused and can't get into any trouble! My saucer has been passed around between friends so N is about the 5th baby to use it. They hold up well so look for a used one if you want to save money.
    Purchase from Babies R Us for $54.99
  • Teethers 4 of 10
    Oh, teething. Such a long, drawn-out process. N always needs something to bite on and these chillable teethers are perfect.
    Purchase from Babies R Us for $3.99
  • Activity Balls 5 of 10
    These are so cute! The little balls have moving bits inside so babies can turn them and watch the objects tumble around.
    Purchase from Target for $9.99
  • Bath Toys 6 of 10
    N loves the bath now that she can sit up and splash. I got her a set of her own bath toys so she doesn't have to steal her brother's boats anymore.
    Purchase from Buy Buy Baby for $24.99
  • Activity Cube 7 of 10
    This toy is wonderful! Lots of different things to do. N is trying her best to pull up on it to get to the beads on top.
    Purchase from Buy Buy Baby for $109.19
  • Car Seat Toys 8 of 10
    Riding in the car is boring, yo. To keep N happy in the backseat, I have a couple of these attached to the handle of her car seat. I can take them down for her to chew if she wants, as well.
    Purchase from Target for $12.99
  • High Chair 9 of 10
    Not just for feeding, this is where N sits when I cook, eat, or work on the computer at the kitchen table. The removable tray toy keeps her occupied and she likes being up higher to watch me when I'm moving around. This was her brother's first and held up perfectly!
    Purchase from Babies R Us for $129.99
  • Mesh Feeders 10 of 10
    My baby is only sort of interested in pureed food. She much prefers feeding herself so I put slices of soft fruit in these so she can suck on them.
    Purchase from Target for $6.99

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