8 Of My Favorite Baby Things

The first time I registered for baby gear, I took the list of suggested items from the big retailer I was at and registered for most of them because I didn’t know any better. I was aware that the process was the corporate leading the clueless but what if they were right and I really did need a dozen baby washcloths? (I didn’t). The result of that excursion was that I ended up with too much stuff.

For my second baby, my gear needs are much more streamlined. I don’t have a lot of extraneous stuff littering my living space and I like it that way. Aside from the clothes and diapering equipment, there are very few baby items that I use with any frequency. Here are some of my favorite things, stuff I use on a daily basis:

  • Rock’n’Play 1 of 8
    This? Is where my baby sleeps. I'm not sure if its the angle that keeps her slightly upright or the cozy depth of it but she can snooze for hours in this thing. I don't know where this device was when I had my son but I bet it would have been great for preventing some of his spitting up after night feeds.
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  • Ergo Baby 2 of 8
    Ergo Baby
    As a second child, my baby has to be on the go a fair amount as I shuttle her older brother around. Rather than keep her in the car seat all the time, I strap her into my Ergo and away we all go. I love the Ergo for it's great distribution of weight and the handy pocket on the front for my phone and keys.
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  • Playmat 3 of 8
    Early in the morning you can find my baby wiggling around on her mat looking at the dangling toys while I sip coffee and talk to her about the headlines I'm scanning on my phone. The mat also works for tummy time !
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  • Bouncy Seat 4 of 8
    Bouncy Seat
    There are a million good reasons to have a bouncy seat. They're portable, they're comfortable for babies, they have a soothing vibrate function. But the big reason to have one is that they fit in the bathroom so the baby can sit in it while mom plays peek-a-boo around the shower curtain as she washes her hair.
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  • SwaddleMe 5 of 8
    The enemy of sleep is flappy little arms. Both of my kids have been easily-startled sleepers and their arms will shoot up and wake them up. These swaddles keep them snug and still. And sleeping!
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  • Diaper Champ 6 of 8
    Diaper Champ
    I haven't done an exhaustive study of different diaper pails and I got this one for free off a listserv without any forethought. But our Diaper Champ has been in continual use since 2008 and, apart from needing to be washed down occasionally, it's still going strong. It contains odor and you can use regular trash bags in it.
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  • Snap’n’Go 7 of 8
    This thing is genius. I love using it for quick errands because I can click the car seat into it without having to take the baby out and the big basket works like a shopping cart.
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  • Nursing Pads 8 of 8
    Nursing Pads
    What? I have strong letdown. There is leaking. The cloth pads are nice because they're soft and reusable and don't feel like a maxipad for your boobs.
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