My Favorite Diaper Bags

When we were registering for baby items, I used a few books with good recommendations and, for the most part, followed their advice blindly. I’ve been pleased with the outcome, but there was one area that I didn’t use the books: diaper bags.

To me, diaper bags aren’t easily rated because everyone wants something a little different. I knew that I was going to use mine basically as my purse because I am the worst at juggling things and I didn’t want to have to manage too many things with the baby. I knew I wanted it to be cute but reasonably priced and I knew it needed to have room for our things without being a monstrosity.

And so we went looking.

On a recommendation from my sister-in-law I looked into the Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag line.

They have great built in changing liners, have a wide variety of styles and they are seriously the most beautiful diaper bags you’ll ever see. This is the one we came within moments of buying and one that I won’t lie, I still covet pretty seriously.

The other recommendation was for the Diaper Dude so that my husband wouldn’t look girly carrying around a diaper bag. In hindsight, the idea of my husband carrying a diaper bag period is hilarious since he has yet to venture out without the baby (because I’m not ready to part with him yet, thanks).

But these are great because they are manly, but comfortable and they hold everything you need them to. This is the one my husband picked out, I’m seriously considering buying it once he does start going out more with the baby. It’s a good Father’s Day gift, right?

The last one we looked at was by Skip Hop on a recommendation from a friend. And ultimately, this is what we went with. What sold me was the magnetic closures (who has hands to zip things while holding a baby?), the vibrant patterns, and the reasonable cost. It also had a matching changing pad that could be carried on its own if I wanted something a little slimmer.

And so far, it is treating us incredibly well. It fits under the stroller and easily on the floor of the car. It’s comfortable to carry. It holds all of our things and has room to spare. And most of all, I think it’s adorable. Which is obviously what’s most important.

As a true testament to it’s smart construction, on the second day we used it, my cat knocked over a vase of flowers, pouring a ton of water into one of the pockets. We couldn’t get to it right away (screaming baby), but when we did we dried that pocket and realized that none of the water seeped through to the other pockets. And considering all the things we have in there that we don’t want flower water on, it was music to our ears. Like I said, just a great bag.

While I am very seriously considering buying all the ones I have on this page (it’s my purse, remember?), in the meantime, we love what we have and highly recommend it to anyone in the market.

What’s your favorite diaper bag and why?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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