My Favorite Diaper Changing Kit

I’m convinced that the minute you become a parent, you become a┬áconnoisseur of all things baby gear related. And even though you’ve only been parenting for a few weeks, you quickly form hard and fast opinions on what works, and what absolutely doesn’t.

So as you can imagine, as a 4th time mom, I’m admittedly a bit of a “gear head” when it comes diaper changing on the go.

I have a favorite brand of wipes. I have a strong allegiance to a particular type of diaper. And yes, I have a favorite diaper bag and changing pad.

I literally don’t leave the house without my Clean Cheeks All-In-One Diaper Kit by Uncommon Kid.

I fell in love with it when my best bud (and fellow babble writer), Casey, got one when she has her daughter about a year ago. Casey and have have similar taste in almost everything, so when I saw her whip out this particular changing kit (and saw it in action), I knew I had to have one as well for baby Paul.

The Best Changing Pad Ever -

A quick run down on why this diaper kit is better than the rest:

Function: It’s extremely lightweight, yet the surface area is large enough to comfortable lay a big baby down on. Oh, and the interior fabric is a wipe-able nylon, which is pretty essential for obvious reasons. A super handy snap strap is attached to the body of the pad, which is a brilliant little “wristlet” feature for keeping your hands free when running to the restroom.

Form: The design is fantastic. Even though it’s “just a diaper pad”, you can tell a ton of thought has gone into it’s construction. Again, the size and shape is perfect, and there is a generous pocket up top to hold a few diapers and a travel wipe box.

Additionally, the mod fabric choices melt my interior designer heart.

The best diaper changing pad ever.

Honestly, I could give or take most baby gear. I’m particular regarding a few things: My diaper bag, and my Uncommon Kid diaper kit are two of those things. When it works, it works.

I would love to know. What baby gear you own, that you couldn’t live without?

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