My Favorite Photos from Avery's 10th Month

Avery is 10 months old today! I know I say this every single month, but I really can’t believe how fast this year has gone. Pretty soon I am going to have to start planning her first birthday. Wasn’t I just pregnant a couple of months ago?! Because it sure does feel that way.

This month has been a big one for Avery. We celebrated her first Christmas, she took her first steps, and spent the last week as sick as she’s ever been. She’s slowly on the mend and ready to get back into all of the crazy things she likes to get into around the apartment. I really have to watch her every move because she will find the littlest things on the floor and try to put them in her mouth. That girl is sneaky!

She’s become even more attached to Harlan this month and will follow her almost anywhere she goes. Thankfully Harlan doesn’t view her as an annoying little sister, but as a permanent play date. I just hope it stays that way forever. Avery is also much more playful this month. She loves to play games. It’s all about the reaction with her. She plays peek-a-boo non-stop and has also invented a new game where she pretends to sleep on the ground just so you can say “awww.” She’s starting to figure out that she loves having the attention on her. And we love giving it to her.

I’ve captured so many fun moments this month of Avery’s bubbly personality. It was hard to narrow it down, but I’ve managed to pick out some of my favorites.

  • Girls Day 1 of 15
    Girls Day
    My husband was out of town for work and I bravely took the girls all around the city on my own. This is after we got home that night after the long day of shopping. The girls were such troopers. I love this photo because it shows the pure exhaustion in our eyes, but also the joy that we have with one another after spending all day together having fun.
  • A Typical Day 2 of 15
    A Typical Day
    We've been at home a lot this month with the holidays, Harlan being home from school, and our entire family being sick for two weeks. As stir crazy as it can get, I love these days because Harlan and Avery bond more than ever. I found them having a tea party in their room together. Avery was so fascinated with what Harlan was doing, but follows her lead all the time.
  • Wake Up, Sister 3 of 15
    Wake Up, Sister
    Avery loves the attention that she gets from Harlan. So much so that she does not like when Harlan is asleep and Avery isn't. Harlan hardly ever takes a nap, but for some reason fell asleep after school. Avery tried so desperately to wake her up doing anything that she could. Harlan didn't wake up and Avery wasn't happy about her failed attempts.
  • Love 4 of 15
    I caught Avery go up to Harlan and just give her a kiss. And them my heart melted.
  • Who is this man? 5 of 15
    Who is this man?
    Avery met Santa for this first time and this was the look she gave him. Priceless.
  • Lunch with Daddy 6 of 15
    Lunch with Daddy
    This was a special day for us because we met my husband at work and went out to lunch. My girls are so completely daddy's girls and you can tell by this photo.
  • Puppet Show! 7 of 15
    Puppet Show!
    After visiting Santa in Macy's, I took the girls to see the marionette puppet show. I wasn't sure how Avery was going to be during the 25 minute production, but to my surprise she danced and watched throughout the entire thing.
  • Adventure Girl 8 of 15
    Adventure Girl
    We were out in the city a lot one weekend and made our way to the NYC Public Library. Although we had been out for hours, Avery was still having a good time and was so happy to be out with her family.
  • Ms. Santa 9 of 15
    Ms. Santa
    I love Christmas time and wanted to get Avery in the holiday mood. Although she wasn't a huge fan of this hat, she did look mighty cute in it.
  • More Love 10 of 15
    More Love
    Although not a kiss, this is another way Avery shows her affection for her sister. She's lucky that Harlan understands she is just showing love and not trying to hurt her.
  • First Steps 11 of 15
    First Steps
    This month was huge for Avery because she took her very first steps on Christmas day!!
  • Climbing on Everything 12 of 15
    Climbing on Everything
    This girl likes to climb on anything and everything she can get into. Her confidence has grown tremendously this month and she tries to move into things that I never thought were possible. I can't imagine what's going to happen when she starts walking!
  • Sick Girl 13 of 15
    Sick Girl
    Unfortunately the end of this month marked a time when Avery has been the sickest she's ever been. One night of her being completely miserable she only wanted her daddy. She sat in his lap for over an hour just sitting and watching. I felt horrible that she didn't feel well, but it was so cute to see her so close to her daddy.
  • Happy New Year 14 of 15
    Happy New Year
    She didn't see the ball drop, but she did get a little festive to ring in the new year!
  • Avery’s New Game 15 of 15
    Avery's New Game
    Avery has a new game that she plays where she will find a pillow and put it on the ground and then lay her head on it as if she is going to sleep. She then starts saying "awww" and looks for us to do the same. I caught both girls playing that game yesterday. They couldn't get any cuter!

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