My Favorite Photos From Avery’s 13th Month

Avery had a big month last month. We were traveling three weeks out of the month and she was such a trooper on all of our plane rides and crazy schedule from being away from home. She made the most of our time in Florida and really could adapt to being a little suburban girl.

Although I’m not doing anymore of our monthly photo shoots, I still like to look back and reflect on this past month that I’ve spent with Avery. It gives me a chance to just stop and enjoy all of the great times that I get to experience with her. It’s fun to see how much she is growing and learning.

This month has brought out so much more of an emerging toddler and less of my little baby. She is starting to talk so much more and even use more sign language.

  • My Favorite Photos From The Past Month 1 of 16
    My Favorite Photos From The Past Month
    Check out 15 of my favorite photos from Avery's adventurous 13th month!
  • It’s a Small World 2 of 16
    It's a Small World
    This was Avery's absolute favorite ride while we were at Disney World. She was so mesmerized by all of the people and bright colors. I loved watching it through her eyes.
  • Late Night 3 of 16
    Late Night
    This was taken after our long day at Disney World. No naps for Avery and up way past her bedtime and this is the goofy face I get.
  • Run to Me 4 of 16
    Run to Me
    The girls were playing chase outside and Harlan was yelling at Avery, "I'm over here Avery. Come on." This was Avery doing her very best to run to her big sister. It was so cute to watch her try to get there as fast as she could.
  • Fish 5 of 16
    Avery loved this fish tank at the aquarium. I think she loved it so much because you could see all the way through it. I would stand on the other side and we would just look at each other through it. She was super impressed by the blue and yellow fish, too!
  • A Friendly Hello 6 of 16
    A Friendly Hello
    As some of you know, Avery's favorite thing is to wave to everyone she sees and say "hi." She sat in this car and started waving to my parents' dogs. It was the funniest thing I've seen from her. She truly wants to greet everyone.
  • Little Bunny 7 of 16
    Little Bunny
    Avery has an obsession with her bunny lovey. It's supposed to only stay in her crib, but lately she's been going into her crib to grab it so that she can take it around and love on it. I found her with her bunny and tried to chase after her to get it, but she gave me this big smirk instead.
  • Stand Back 8 of 16
    Stand Back
    When we made our trip down to Florida this past month, Avery stayed as far away from the grass as possible. She is such a city girl that she did not like the green stuff she was surrounded by. She stood on the sidewalk while she watched from afar.
  • Scoping out the Giraffes 9 of 16
    Scoping out the Giraffes
    She was so amazed by these giraffes during a trip to the zoo. She just sat and stared at them. She had absolutely no idea what she was staring at but she knew it was something magical.
  • Grocery Shopping 10 of 16
    Grocery Shopping
    We took a trip to the children's museum in Tampa. This was Avery's favorite part. She's big into putting things into baskets. She took the entire shelf of pretend canned food and put them into this mini shopping cart. She makes a great grocery shopping buddy.
  • Rockin’ Roll 11 of 16
    Rockin' Roll
    My dad snapped this photo of Avery and I can't help but love how adorable she looks.
  • Maybe She Likes the Grass? 12 of 16
    Maybe She Likes the Grass?
    This was a huge milestone for Avery. It was our last day in Florida and we went in my parents backyard and sat. It took her a while, but she finally let me put her down on the grass without freaking out. She sat there for a while wondering what to do with the stuff.
  • Little Minnie 13 of 16
    Little Minnie
    I brought these Minnie ears home from a recent trip to Disney Land. Harlan has been wearing them around so often that Avery wanted to get in on the game. She usually hates things on her head, but since her big sis has been wearing them, she had to do the same.
  • Strollin’ Buddies 14 of 16
    Strollin' Buddies
    This is a peek into what our afternoons look like everyday. I love that despite us being outside in cold weather a lot, Avery never lets it get her down. She is truly always so happy.
  • Dance Partners 15 of 16
    Dance Partners
    Both of my girls absolutely love dancing. But they especially love dancing together. I caught Harlan grabbing Avery's hands to dance with her. They bounced up and down for a couple of minutes dancing and laughing together.
  • We Have Hair 16 of 16
    We Have Hair
    Everyone always thinks Avery is bald, but here's proof that she does have some. She actually has more than Harlan did at this age. This is her bed head. It's the cutest bed head I've ever seen,

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