My Favorite Photos From Avery’s 14th Month

Avery is 14 months old tomorrow. Can we please make time slow down just a little bit? It’s so crazy to me how quickly everything flies by when you have two kids rather than one. It’s because of this that I take so many photos of Avery every single day. I don’t want to miss or forget any moment that I have with her.

She’s talking so much now and can tell you when she wants to watch “gagga gagga” (Yo Gabba Gabba) and calls for Harlan all the time. She loves being reunited with Harlan after preschool. I cannot get enough of just watching them interact with one another. It makes me cry with joy just thinking about it.

I have so many favorite photos from Avery’s 14th month it was hard to narrow it down. She is becoming more and more interactive and talking. I am really loving this age!

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    Check out my favorite photos from Avery's 14th month! 

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    We've finally had some great spring days here in NYC. They've been so sunny that Avery needs to wear her cute sunglasses. I was surprised that she actually kept them on. But she wore them with a smile on her face and waved to everyone. I also can't get over how BIG she looks in this photo! 

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    Avery never sleeps in our bed. She's always liked having her space. One morning last month she came into our bed in the morning and just fell back asleep. I made sure to take advantage of every single second of it because it was a very rare occasion. 

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    We took Avery to her second Met's game and she was such a trooper. She has just as much fun as we did and was a great fan throughout the entire game.

  • Me and My Girls 5 of 11
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    My favorite "selfie" of me and my girls. If only Avery would have put her bagel down.

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    Probably one of my favorite photos of the girls. This was right before bed on a staycation we had this month. They were so happy to be in a big bed.

  • Wearing the Hand-me-Downs 7 of 11
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    This blue dress was Harlan's and it was always one of my favorites. I love that I can pass down the clothes to Avery and watch her experience some of the same things her sister did in those clothes. 

  • Sister Hugs 8 of 11
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    I love this photo because two seconds before I took it they were fighting over a piece of chalk. I didn't even have to get involved and they resolved it by themselves and even hugged after. My heart melted.

  • Our Daily Routine 9 of 11
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    This is our daily walk to preschool. We've been taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and leaving early so we can take our time on the walk. Avery loves being outside when the weather is great.

  • Dinner Princess 10 of 11
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    I took both girls out to dinner at Alice's Tea Cup. Harlan wanted to bring her princess crown, but Avery took it from her to wear the entire time. Avery put it on and waved to every single person that walked in. I love that she is so social.

  • Happy Date 11 of 11
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    This photo perfectly describes Avery's personality. She has that huge smile on her face all of the time. 

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