My Favorite Photos From Avery’s 8th Month

Avery turned eight months old yesterday! Eight months has proven to be the one of movement. Avery is now pulling herself up on everything she can get her hands on. She has stood up unassisted a couple of times, and even learned to dance!

We had some really fun moments together this past month and I tried to catch as many as I could on camera. Check out my favorite photos of Avery’s eighth month after the jump! 

  • Avery the Apple Picker 1 of 14
    Avery the Apple Picker
    A fall tradition for our family is to go apple picking just outside of New York City. It has quickly become a favorite of ours and we look forward to it every year. This was Avery's first year going and she absolutely loved doing it. She grabbed as many apples as she could get her hands on to try to put them in her mouth. This little girl sure does love apples!
  • Sister Story Time 2 of 14
    Sister Story Time
    My oldest, Harlan, is obsessed with "reading" books. Avery has finally started getting a little bit of an attention span and will focus intently on something she is interested in. This particular morning she was fascinated with the story her sister was telling her.
  • One Handed 3 of 14
    One Handed
    This month was the month of Avery the dare devil. This girl will climb on anything and everything she can get her hands on. This was the first time that she attempted to stand with only one hand holding onto something. You can tell by the look on her face she was pretty proud of herself.
  • Happy Girl 4 of 14
    Happy Girl
    Believe it or not this is the face of a little girl who had not napped at all on this day. I tried to get her to fall asleep in the stroller on our way to pick up Harlan from school, but she was having nothing of it. I am so thankful that although she didn't want to nap, she was in the best mood.
  • My Little Monkey 5 of 14
    My Little Monkey
    She got caught climbing on top of this basket. I don't know how she thinks she was going to get down, because she had no clue how to do so. This one picture summarizes our entire month.
  • Standing 6 of 14
    This was just the beginning of all of the climbing this month. This was the first time she realized she could pull herself up on different things to stand up. It's all gone a bit crazy from here.
  • A Moment 7 of 14
    A Moment
    I love this picture of the girls. Harlan as laying on the couch after school and Avery came up to the couch to play with her. The first thing that Harlan did was grab Avery's hand to hold it. And then my heart melted.
  • Proud 8 of 14
    The expression that she gets on her face when she realizes that she is doing something new is incredible. She is so proud of herself. I love it.
  • Hiding Spot 9 of 14
    Hiding Spot
    Avery's new place to hang out is under the table. Particularly under the chairs. The kitchen table is where I do most of my work during the day and she will come and sit like this under my chair. It's the absolute cutest thing!
  • Let’s Switch Roles 10 of 14
    Let's Switch Roles
    I don't know what Harlan was thinking in the photo, but either way both of the girls were having fun and entertained. Every once in a while Harlan likes to play the role of the baby. Avery thinks it's the funniest thing.
  • Hurricane Busy Time 11 of 14
    Hurricane Busy Time
    We spent much of our week last week indoors due to Hurricane Sandy. One of the ways Avery found to entertain herself was in this box. She thought it was the best "toy" ever.
  • Bathing Beauty 12 of 14
    Bathing Beauty
    Avery finally loves bath time. This was taken post-bath and shows a squeaky clean Avery that is always happy.
  • Happy Halloween 13 of 14
    Happy Halloween
    Avery celebrated her first Halloween last month and was a flower. I was trying to get a great shot of both girls together, but neither of them would look and smile at the camera at the same time. I love this photo of the genuine joy in Avery's face as she's getting a hug and a kiss from Harlan.
  • It’s Getting Tougher 14 of 14
    It's Getting Tougher
    These monthly photos are becoming harder and harder to organize. Avery does not want to sit still. I have to take a million shots, just to find one of her looking at me a smiling. This girl loves to be on the move!

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