My Favorite Photos of Avery From Her 4th Month

Avery is four months tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that she  is really that old already. I feel like we were both just in the hospital getting ready to bring her home.

In the age of cameras always being nearby, I am always taking pictures of Avery. I probably take at least 5 of her a day. I want to make sure that I capture all of her special moments so that we can both look back on them when she gets older.

Here are 15 of my favorite photos I’ve taken of Avery in her 4th month.

  • Tummy Time! 1 of 15
    Tummy Time!
    Avery usually despises tummy time. We were waiting for my oldest to get out of camp and had an impromptu tummy time. She enjoyed it for about 2.5 seconds and then was done with it.
  • Sleepy Baby 2 of 15
    Sleepy Baby
    This month was tough in terms of sleep. The 3 month sleep regression is no joke. After a day of no naps, I finally got her to sleep by rocking her. She was so comfortable, I let her sleep on me for her nap. It was such a sweet moment that I know I will cherish forever.
  • First Car Ride 3 of 15
    First Car Ride
    This was probably her only happy moment in the car on her first car ride and road trip. The rest of the way went downhill from there.
  • First Hotel Stay 4 of 15
    First Hotel Stay
    Once we finally got to our destination, Avery couldn't be happier to sit on a nice big bed and out of her car seat.
  • Rolling Over 5 of 15
    Rolling Over
    Avery found a way to protest tummy time by rolling over from her stomach to her back for the first time this month. I happened to catch her first roll over on camera!
  • Sisters 6 of 15
    It's amazing how much the bond between Harlan and Avery continues to grow. This is by far my favorite moment between both of them. I caught Harlan "reading" a story to Avery. Melts my heart.
  • Happy 7 of 15
    There is just something about this sweet face.
  • Blame it on Avery 8 of 15
    Blame it on Avery
    Avery was holding onto Harlan's Minnie Mouse and when Harlan noticed she tried to immediately blame Avery for the coloring marks on Minnie. Already being picked on by her big sister.
  • Peek-a-Boo 9 of 15
    Avery and I played our very first game of peek-a-boo and Avery thought it was hysterical. She was laughing and smiling the entire time. It's now our go-to game to cheer her up.
  • Look at that Face 10 of 15
    Look at that Face
    Avery wasn't napping one morning while I was trying to get work done, so I pulled out my camera on my phone and let her look at herself. This just happens to be one of the faces I captured on camera. She wasn't angry, but it sure looked that way.
  • I Love Myself 11 of 15
    I Love Myself
    This is the smile she gets as soon as she sees herself on the phone or in the mirror.
  • Kisses 12 of 15
    I was trying to get Avery to sleep on one of her many no nap days this month. Harlan walked into the room to make sure to give her one more kiss before she went to sleep.
  • Happy 13 of 15
    I hardly ever get out my real camera to take pictures, but I happened to have it out that day while Avery was playing and captured her happy and sweet face.
  • Just Hanging Out 14 of 15
    Just Hanging Out
    Last weekend everyone was asleep except for me and Avery. We decided to have some mommy/daughter time and play in her room. She had a blast.
  • Sweet Dreams 15 of 15
    Sweet Dreams
    Just in the last couple of days we are finally getting back into our normal sleep routine. This is a moment I caught last weekend after she just feel asleep on me. It was so pure and innocent. I love it.


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