My Favorite Photos of Avery's 6th Month

It’s Avery’s half birthday! She is officially six months old today. Last month was a complete whirlwind for Avery. She accomplished two major milestones of sitting up by herself and becoming mobile.

Her personality is beginning to show more and more. She loves to laugh, especially at her sister and is smiling almost all the time. We stayed busy this month and tried to pack in as much as we could on the last month of summer, which made for some great photos of Avery!

Check out some of my favorite photos of Avery’s 6th month after the jump!

  • Teething Monster 1 of 17
    Teething Monster
    Teething has gotten bad this month. Poor girl was cranky so much and there was hardly anything I could do. I finally froze a washcloth and gave it to her and she sucked on that thing for the longest time. Such a nice relief for her.
  • Swing Girl! 2 of 17
    Swing Girl!
    Avery got to swing for the first time this month and absolutely loved it. It's a must do now every time we go to the park. It's guaranteed to keep her entertained.
  • I Want to be in the Spotlight 3 of 17
    I Want to be in the Spotlight
    We were trying to take pictures together and Avery puts her hand in front of my face to cover it up like she wants the camera all to herself. Her personality is beginning to come out more and more as she gets older and I love it.
  • Sitting Up! 4 of 17
    Sitting Up!
    Avery learned how to sit up on her own this month! Now every time I put her on the ground, she immediately tries to pull her self up to a sitting position.
  • Just Lounging 5 of 17
    Just Lounging
    This is right before we got on the plane at the airport. I set her down in her stroller for a second so that I could get out my plane ticket and she immediately crossed her legs to sit back and relax.
  • She’d Had Enough 6 of 17
    She'd Had Enough
    This was hour 6 on our infamous plane ride. She had just about enough at this point. I was so sad to see her so upset, but at that point there was nothing I could do.
  • Miss Independent 7 of 17
    Miss Independent
    Avery has officially taken over her bottle duties. She gets one bottle a day right before bedtime and she hates for my husband or I to hold the bottle for her. It's made my job a lot easier, but sad at the same time because of her new found independence.
  • My Sister is a Teether 8 of 17
    My Sister is a Teether
    I love this shot of both girls. Avery was using Harlan's arm as a teehter. She was so happy just being there with her sister.
  • Like Mother Like Daughter 9 of 17
    Like Mother Like Daughter
    We were making faces in the camera and I made this face. Avery immediately copied me. I love it.
  • So Happy 10 of 17
    So Happy
    She has changed so much over this past month. I just love how happy she was in this picture. Harlan was still taking a nap and it was just the two of us playing. Such a special moment of spending quality time together.
  • Play Tourist 11 of 17
    Play Tourist
    I decided to take the girls on the water taxi on the way home last week. We got to ride by the Statue of Liberty. Although Avery had no idea what she was experiencing, I know she will savor this picture one day.
  • Hoarder 12 of 17
    We were walking quite a ways home and Avery had just about had enough. I kept adding more and more toys to her stroller to try to keep her busy. With every toy I added, she tried to hold on to each one. It was so funny to see her try to grab all of them.
  • Almost Crawling 13 of 17
    Almost Crawling
    We hit a major milestone this month. Avery is SO close to crawling. This is one of her favorite moves at the moment. I call it the modified downward dog. Baby yoga at its finest.
  • Snuggling With Daddy 14 of 17
    Snuggling With Daddy
    One of my favorite shots of Avery and my husband. This was early in the morning and I had just finished nursing her. She was so close to going back to sleep that I laid her down next to him. He immediately put his arm around her and she was so content with it.
  • Relaxing with Big Sister 15 of 17
    Relaxing with Big Sister
    My new favorite picture of the girls. I was trying to get them both to sit up to take a picture at the park. Neither of them were having it. As soon as I would sit them up they would both fall backwards and laugh. This is them laughing at me trying to get a good shot. Little did I know this would be the best of them going against what I wanted.
  • Mommy Loves Me! 16 of 17
    Mommy Loves Me!
    We spent some time at the park over the weekend and while my husband was with Harlan, Avery and I spent time together playing in the grass. She was so happy just to be sitting outside and getting to know nature.
  • You Want to Take a Photo of Me? 17 of 17
    You Want to Take a Photo of Me?
    The monthly photo shoots are getting harder and harder. Now that Avery is almost mobile, she would rather try to crawl than sit up and smile for the camera.

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