My Favorite Pictures from Eli's 3rd Month

My baby is 3 months old. How? When? Whyyyyy?

I feel like I am constantly feeling whistful about how quickly time is passing because my little tiny newborn is now a not so tiny infant who is becoming a real person and why can’t I just freeze time right now? I remember being sad about how big Eli was getting when he was 4 days old, I am overcome with it now that he’s completed 3 whole months.

That said, this month has been by far my favorite. Eli has become a little person who does things and sees things and it is just unbelievably fun to witness.

This month has been a month of BIG smiles and fewer episodes of inconsolable screaming, which is a nice change. It’s also been a month of physical development and trickery and much to my dismay, my tiny baby is dangerously close to rolling over. I wish I could keep him tiny forever.

But because I can’t, I’ll be happy he’s healthy and growing and share a few of my favorite pictures from his 3rd and so far, most awesome month.

  • What? 1 of 11
    We call this his what face because it just seems like the only appropriate phrase for the expression. He gets wide eyed a lot these days. The world is his oyster!
  • Yelling baby! 2 of 11
    Yelling baby!
    This month he has really begun to talk more too, though a lot of the time it's a very thin line between talking and yelling and crying.
  • Growth Spurts! 3 of 11
    Growth Spurts!
    Speaking of crying, this was a fun day. Basically we alternated between hysterical screaming and eating until he crashed like a ton of bricks for a 3 hour nap we both really, really needed.
  • Baby toes = cat toys 4 of 11
    Baby toes = cat toys
    I know it makes me mother of the year that I snapped this picture before rescuing the baby, but the cat has decided that baby toes are probably the greatest toys on the earth. Thankfully he's gentle and the baby hasn't seemed to mind yet.
  • Dramatic sleeper 5 of 11
    Dramatic sleeper
    This kid and his hands. I love when he gets his fingers interlaced and the careful placement of his hands on his belly just makes this all the cuter.
  • Big Boy 6 of 11
    Big Boy
    He doesn't need help with this bottles anymore (lie). He's a big boy!
  • Deep thinker 7 of 11
    Deep thinker
    Sometimes your greatest thoughts come about when you sleep. Make everyone be twins!
  • Our little family 8 of 11
    Our little family
    This is, somewhat sadly, the 2nd picture ever of the 3 of us. Even more sad is the person who took the first one can't find it.
  • Profane baby 9 of 11
    Profane baby
    I promise promise promise we did not pose the baby. My kid just has a potty mouth, er, hands.
  • Happy guy 10 of 11
    Happy guy
    This is my all time favorite picture of Eli. It's my phone lock screen and it makes me smile whenever I see it. He's such a happy baby and we are so blessed to have him.
  • Tummy Time 11 of 11
    Tummy Time
    This month we've gone from whining and crying during tummy time to realizing that he can see the world if he just lifts his head. And we are so so closed to rolling, so that makes it more fun too.

We (kinda) can’t wait for next month!

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