My Favorite Pictures from Eli’s 4th Month

Another month has come and gone, much to my dismay. This month has been a big one. It was the month Eli found his feet, the month he rolled over for the first and second times, the month he learned that sitting and standing were the greatest things ever, and the month he learned he could yell. All major milestones. It was also the month he started phasing out snuggles, so that one is not my favorite.

I think this is also the month I took the most photos, perhaps besides his first month, mostly because he’s actually DOING things now, so it’s fun to capture the action. Or at least try to. I have about 100 blurry pictures of him moving. Wiggly babies are hard to focus.

Though the competition was stiff this month, these are my favorite pictures from Eli’s 4th Month.

  • Sleepy Guy 1 of 14
    Sleepy Guy
    Eli sleeps better in his carseat than almost anywhere and darn if he's not just completely adorable when he does it.
  • Happy Bunny 2 of 14
    Happy Bunny
    Sometimes he's just so happy I can't stand it. If you could hear the little sounds he makes when he smiles, you wouldn't be able to stand it either.
  • Big Boy Stroller Debut 3 of 14
    Big Boy Stroller Debut
    This was Eli's first time in his big boy stroller. He was as happy as he could be, then he fell asleep abruptly and snoozed for 30 minutes.
  • Fingers 4 of 14
    This has been the month of the fingers. And the smiles. And the finger smiles.
  • One Foot 5 of 14
    One Foot
    He found his left foot early in the month and held it whenever he could.
  • Two Feet 6 of 14
    Two Feet
    Within a few weeks he found his right foot. And since then, he's hardly let go of them!
  • Cat Nap 7 of 14
    Cat Nap
    One day Eli just crashed unexpectedly, so the cat jumped at the opportunity for snuggles.
  • Sophie! 8 of 14
    Eli started interacting with toys this month and while he still has a hard time maneuvering Sophie into his mouth, he definitely has taken a liking to her.
  • Thumb Sucking! 9 of 14
    Thumb Sucking!
    Thumb sucking was very rare before this month, but he's finally gotten down the extended thumb and curled fingers. He still prefers his pacifier, but the thumb will do in a pinch.
  • With Grandpa 10 of 14
    With Grandpa
    This was the night he hung out with grandpa and his aunts and uncles with a cold. And then everyone else had one too! He's such a giver.
  • Hands! 11 of 14
    It's like a daily competition to see how many fingers he can fit into his mouth (before gagging).
  • With Dad 12 of 14
    With Dad
    There's no question that he absolutely adores his father.
  • Talking 13 of 14
    And by talking, I mean yelling! Eli has found his voice and has tested the volume options!
  • Swimmer Dude 14 of 14
    Swimmer Dude
    Eli went swimming in a pool for the first time this month, and then got his first shower immediately afterwards because his mother is neurotic about chlorine and germs!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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