My Favorite Pictures from Eli’s 6th Month!

I cannot believe that my child is now officially six months old. Half way to a year, nearly crawling, babbling all the live long day. My baby is just not so baby-ish anymore. I can see more and more of the little boy and less and less of my tiny infant with each passing week. And this month’s pictures, are as usual, my favorites to date. This has been a big month of personality, he has clear likes and dislikes and is not shy about voicing them.

This month Eli got to feel sand for the first time, had his first solid foods and has become a rolling fool. He found his tongue and got a new cousin, and we were there, with varying cameras, to try to capture it all. There are enough outtakes to fill up our external hard drive, but the final product pictures are all pretty great, or at least I think so.

These are my 10 favorite pictures from Eli’s 6th month!

  • Avocado! 1 of 10
    This face kills me. He hated the avocado, but kept opening his mouth and making noises for more. It was like he hoped that maybe the next bite would taste better. As an avocado hater myself, I understand his desire there.
  • With Dad 2 of 10
    With Dad
    This picture was taken in Huntington Beach. It's a picture of the 2 most important things in my life.
  • Drama Baby 3 of 10
    Drama Baby
    This month Eli gave up rolling from belly to back, so there have been many, many whine fests devoted to being stuck on his tummy. The theatrics got a little silly after a while.
  • Happy Guy 4 of 10
    Happy Guy
    This is how Eli is about 80% of the time. Pure jubilance. He is just joyous, and he makes us feel the same way.
  • Bathtub Baby 5 of 10
    Bathtub Baby
    This one is one of my all time favorite pictures. It was such a lucky capture and it makes me smile every time I see it.
  • Baby’s First Halloween 6 of 10
    Baby's First Halloween
    Eli was a doctor, I was a nurse, and my husband was a patient. Here, Eli was giving his best McKayla Maroney not impressed face...
  • Toes! 7 of 10
    This month was also the month of toe sucking. Who needs toys when you have toes?
  • Cousins? 8 of 10
    This face says it all. It seems that Eli was not interested in a cousin and is not so thrilled about sharing the spotlight with one...
  • Tummy Time! 9 of 10
    Tummy Time!
    Sometimes the tummy isn't so bad. And those beautiful blue eyes just get me every single time.
  • Tongue! 10 of 10
    Did you know Eli has a tongue? It was one of his greatest discoveries this month- and by far the slobberiest!

I’m excited to see what this next month holds, but I’m more than ready for time to go ahead and SLOW DOWN already!


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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