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My fruitless search for the perfect diaper bag

I am downright confounded by my inability to find a truly great diaper bag. I just can’t seem to find one that really works for me, and as trivial as that sounds, it’s truly a hassle to try to stay organized as a busy working mom with a 4 month old baby (yes, I now accept that G is 4 months old, not 5 months old), as well as a 3 year old who is still sorta, kinda in diapers (we’ve made huge progress lately, but we’re still not there 100%)  when I don’t have a diaper bag that really meets my needs.

I bought the bag I am using currently at Target, but it’s turned out to be yet another in a procession of diaper bags that don’t really work for me.  I don’t think what I’m looking for should be that hard to find, and yet….

Maybe if I share my diaper bag wishlist, some of y’all can tell me of a bag that really fits the bill. So here goes:

  • my dream diaper bag needs to sit up without falling over. I am tired of bags (like the one I have currently) that fall over when placed on the floor, meaning that things spill out, and I lose them.

  • It needs to be stylish enough for me to carry anywhere and not look like an idiot. I want something hip, attractive, modern and maybe a little offbeat. Nothing cutesy that screams “baby.” No cartoon characters or diaper pins as part of the fabric design. Definitely no ugly pastels or crayon-ey primary colors.
  • The fabric needs to repel moisture and wipe clean relatively easily – inside and out.
  • It needs to be big enough but not too big. I want a bag that easily accommodates a change or two of baby clothes, a few cloth diapers (extra bulk) and has a LARGE attached wetbag inside that will bring those same cloth diapers back home after they have been worn. The wetbag needs to be attached so it doesn’t get separated from the bag and lost.
  • I’d love for it to have two insulated (!!) pockets to hold bottles.
  • It should have a couple of different interior compartments and at least one easily accessed interior pocket with a zipper for finding keys and cell phone quickly.
  • The top of the bag should close in such a way that it’s actually closed – meaning it needs to zipper shut or have a flap-over closure. I am tired of diaper bags with a single snap that is supposed to hold the whole bag shut (meaning things fall out the top or are exposed to the world).
  • The straps should be wide enough to be comfortable. Bonus points for having shoulder carry and hand carry strap options.
  • The changing pad that comes with the bag should fold up easily and compactly enough that you can actually get it back into the bag the same way each time. It should be comfortable for the baby to lie on while being changed.

So there you have it – my diaper bag wishlist. Am I just dreaming? Does such a superbag exist?

Tell me what you love and hate about your own diaper bags in the comments below, and if you have any recommendations for a brand I should check out, let me know about it.




Article Posted 6 years Ago

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