My, How You’ve Grown: 12 Months of Baby Photo Shoots

My How You've Grown: 12 Months of Baby Photo ShootsAs my baby has met the one-year mark, I’ve found myself reminiscing with increased frequency, and one of my favorite things to reminisce over has been her monthly photo shoots.

I’ll admit, they were kind of a pain and a lot more work than I had anticipated, but now that I’m able to look back on them as a representation of Fern’s first year as a whole, I have to say that it was definitely worthwhile, and I’m glad I did it.

Here is a month-by-month round up of all of Fern’s photos from this first year of her life…

  • Month 1 1 of 13
    Month 1
    FERN LIKES: *her swing chair, *car rides, *rap & hip hop, *loud noises, *boobs (breastfeeding), *sleeping in our bed, and *being awake at night FERN DISLIKES: *her bouncy chair, *getting dressed, *Katy Perry (she cried when one of her songs came on the radio the other day), *her co-sleeper, *getting out of the shower, and *being asleep at night
  • Month 2 2 of 13
    Month 2
    FERN LIKES: *being held like a tree cat, *white noise, *shower time, *her sea horse Charlie Bubbles, *The "Good Morning" song and her morning stretches, *smiling, *sneaking peeks of Blazer games on TV with daddy FERN DISLIKES: *being posed for pictures, *diaper time, *tummy time, *stop lights, *sleeping in her own room
  • Month 3 3 of 13
    Month 3
    FERN LIKES: *sneaking peeks at "Mad Men", *marathon nursings sessions, *standing up, *blowing spit bubbles, *grabbing Daddy's beard, *stroller RUNS, *Grandpa singing "Swing Low" FERN DISLIKES: *laying on her back, *waiting for ANYTHING, *stroller WALKS, *Letting Mommy cook dinner, *her binky it's not as cool as a boob
  • Month 4 4 of 13
    Month 4
    FERN LIKES: *playing in the bathtub, *chewing on her hands, *pulling Mommy's hair, *her stuffed raccoon, *being outside, *being naked, *the sea creatures on her ceiling at night from her projector, *Daddy she smiles every time he comes home, *trying to hold her own bottle FERN DISLIKES: *playing in her pool, *teething, *napping, *swaddling, *the Nose Frida
  • Month 5 5 of 13
    Month 5
    FERN LIKES: *grabbing her feet, *looking longingly outside, *Marley, *eating bananas in her snack net, *grabbing everything, *pinching and poking Daddy's face, *flapping her excited arms FERN DISLIKES: *her new diapers, *too much tummy time, *having parents out of her sight, *Mommy's sleep
  • Month 6 6 of 13
    Month 6
    FERN LIKES: *the neighborhood swim park, *water in any form, *avocado + banana, *playing with Marley, *her "Gentle Giraffe", *arching her back in anger, *throwing things on the ground, *napping in Mommy's bed FERN DISLIKES: *being hot, *sweet potatoes, *napping in her own bed, *grocery shopping, *being in her car seat for too long
  • Month 7 7 of 13
    Month 7
    FERN LIKES: *the "Slippery Fish" song, *fruit, *sneaking out of bed, *mirrors, *her musical shaker egg, *swimming, *the sound of her own voice, *sleeping on her stomach FERN DISLIKES: *sitting still to eat, *vegetables, *keeping her diaper on, *when we stop her from watching TV, *sleeping on her back
  • Month 8 8 of 13
    Month 8
    FERN LIKES: *kitchen utensils, *the zoo, *salmon, kiwi and yogurt, *wiggling in the tub, *eating real food, *sitting up, *opening drawers FERN DISLIKES: *having her hair brushed, *bottles, *loud noises, *when naps are late
  • Month 9 9 of 13
    Month 9
    FERN LIKES: *the ABC song, *toothbrushes and power cords, *crawling, *waving, *leaving the house at least once a day, *spitting food at mom FERN DISLIKES: *airplane rides, *the skill saw and other loud noises, *staying home all day
  • Month 10 10 of 13
    Month 10
    FERN LIKES: *singing/light up toys, *her purple telephone, *bath tub books, *pulling herself up on EVERYTHING, *crawling up the step, *people clapping, *rain FERN DISLIKES: *having her nose wiped, *being redirected, *getting put in her car seat, *keeping shoes on
  • Month 11 11 of 13
    Month 11
    FERN LIKES: *twinkle lights, *the tupperware drawer, *snow, *peek-a-boo barn, *curry, *yelling, *feeding Marley FERN DISLIKES: *snuggling, *long car rides, *being told that it's bed time, *getting dressed
  • Month 12 – One Year 12 of 13
    Month 12 - One Year
    FERN LIKES: *the color orange, *sweet food, *her teepee, *bread, *snap chatting, *buttons on the TV FERN DISLIKES: *her floor bed, *being told NO, *waiting for food, *headbands
  • Side By Side Comparison 13 of 13
    Side By Side Comparison
    I love looking at all of the photos side by side. It's amazing how quickly she grew and is continuing to grow!

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