My Husband Is A Chronic Baby-Dangler (And It Makes Me Insane)

Jon dangles a rapturously happy Baby G upside down

Remember a few years back when the whole world watched in horror as Michael Jackson dangled his little baby boy, Blanket over the rail of the top floor of a European hotel? Well, MJ’s got NUTHIN’ on my husband Jon, who is a chronic baby dangler. I’ve never seen him dangle one of our offspring over a hotel railing, but he throws them, tosses them, body slams them (E, my middle schooler), tickles them, and hangs them upside down at every opportunity.

And the kids love it. But I REALLY, REALLY don’t. In fact, it makes me super nervous. I’ve gotten used to him doing it with the bigger kids, but it continues to make me insanely anxious when he does it with 8 month old Baby G, despite the fact that she seems to love her father’s roughhousing just as much as her older siblings.Jon has never actually dropped any of the kids while doing this…well….except one time about five years ago when he was holding our then-7 year old niece upside down, or maybe it was upside down and backwards or something, and, well, anyway, something went wrong and she fell on her head. It was awful. My sister and I shrieked in terror. The child in question, however, simply hopped back up, dusted herself off, and asked Uncle Jon to swing her around some more….upside down.

And Baby G seems to enjoy the baby dangling as much as all the other kids, but it just looks horribly dangerous to me. I mean, even if he doesn’t actually DROP the baby, isn’t this dangling thing bad for her developing joints and limbs? What if he stretched her all out of shape or something? And what about her little fontanel? It isn’t completely closed yet…SHOULDN’T HE MIND HER LITTLE FONTANEL?

So what’s your stance on parental baby dangling? Do you or your partner do any roughhousing with the baby, and does he or she like it? Does it make you nervous to see other people do it?  Let’s talk baby-dangling in the comments below  🙂



Article Posted 6 years Ago

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