My Love-Hate Relationship with Breastfeeding

Some days ... I just want to give up

Addie is nine months old today, and I mark a milestone with breastfeeding I never made with either of my older children.

I had such a hard time nursing them both, including a breast milk allergy with my middle son. It certainly was heartbreaking, to say the least.

Pride is something I feel like I can allow myself this time around considering every day is an awesome milestone in breastfeeding.

But recently my breastfeeding relationship has become very … love-hate. One minute I love it and the next minute I am pissed off about something having to do with it. 

Am I going to stop?  Nope. but man some days it just feels nice to be able to vent about it a little bit… right?

So was there anything you absolutely loved or hated about breastfeeding?

  • HATE: Leaking 1 of 10
    HATE: Leaking
    Some days... I still leak! I scrapped breast pads a couple months ago, and thought I would be good to go, but I was wrong! Maybe it is just that I hate them... but honestly I may just be setting myself up for failure.
  • HATE: Pumping 2 of 10
    HATE: Pumping
    I really do not like pumping. And I used to be able to get Addie to actually take a bottle, but not anymore. Not to mention, it totally makes me feel like a cow.
  • LOVE: Bonding 3 of 10
    LOVE: Bonding
    There is nothing sweeter than looking down at my little girl and seeing her nurse. It has to be one of the best feelings in the world as a mother.
  • LOVE: Stored Milk 4 of 10
    LOVE: Stored Milk
    One of the things I love is that I have been able to pump and store milk and use it for all kinds of stuff, from homemade baby food to mixing it with her cereal.
  • HATE: Limiting Caffeine! 5 of 10
    HATE: Limiting Caffeine!
    I absolutely hate that I cannot have as much caffeine as I would like — or need — to function normally! But one is enough for me ... I guess!
  • HATE: She Will NOT Take a Bottle! 6 of 10
    HATE: She Will NOT Take a Bottle!
    I absolutely HATE that Addie will not take a bottle, or sippy cup. I cannot leave her with anyone, including my husband. I ALWAYS have to be with her and that is enough to drive someone CRAZY!
  • LOVE: Weight Loss 7 of 10
    LOVE: Weight Loss
    I know it isn't true for all breastfeeding mothers, but man ... breastfeeding has been the most amazing diet for me! I have lost over 40 pounds since Addison was born!
  • HATE: Breastfeeding with the Helmet 8 of 10
    HATE: Breastfeeding with the Helmet
    That helmet HURTS my arm when we are nursing! I am also starting to form a large bruise on my arm from where the helmet sits while I am nursing.
  • HATE: Night Nursing 9 of 10
    HATE: Night Nursing
    She is nine damn months old ... I would LOVE it if she actually would sleep through the night. JUST for one night ... or maybe even a week! I really need a full night's sleep.
  • LOVE: I made that chub! 10 of 10
    LOVE: I made that chub!
    There is nothing more motivating while nursing that seeing those adorable little baby chub rolls and knowing I MADE THOSE ROLLS! My breast milk made all of those little rolls. Nothing special, no formula... just all breast milk.

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