My Must Have Baby Items, Birth to 2 Months

Walking into a baby superstore while pregnant is one of the most entirely overwhelming experiences I’ve ever had. Unless you’re far wealthier than we are, you register for things hoping that your friends and family will be able to purchase them so that you have enough supplies for your new baby, though you have no idea how, when or where you’re going to use all of these things. And then you go scan a million things with your little scan gun.

We were fortunate to receive a lot of great gifts from friends, and I’ve only just realized now how many superfluous items we registered for. We have several boxes in our garage of things we were just sure we would need and instead have not found use for yet. If we don’t ever use them, we’ll probably donate them to a shelter so someone can use them, but for now, they’re collecting dust.

In the interest of saving other first time parents some time wondering which things are really essential, these are my 12 must have items for birth through (at least) 2 months.

  • Swing 1 of 12
    This is probably the single most used item in our house (which I feel really guilty about). The swing gets used every time I pump, occasionally when I cook or clean, or sometimes when the baby is sleepy but too distracted by me to sleep. He doesn't actually sleep in the swing at night, but he did on several occasions in his first few weeks. We have the Fisher Price My Little Lamb swing, but honestly, any swing with a mobile would probably do just fine.
  • Stroller 2 of 12
    This is definitely the second most used item. I am completely incapable of lugging Eli's infant seat around without jarring him like crazy, so the stroller goes everywhere. We also take it on daily walks, to the grocery store and Target (way fewer germs than the cart and no worries about whether his seat is secured in the cart properly). We have an Uppababy Vista, which is insanely expensive (but we got on deep discount), but any stroller that is infant carrier compatible and has a good basket will work just fine.
  • Burt’s Bees Baby 3 of 12
    Burt's Bees Baby
    We tried a couple of different baby shampoos and body washes, pretty much all of which irritated my baby's ridiculously sensitive skin. And then a friend brought me the BBB line and well, there was no looking back. It's hypoallergenic and smells delicious. Because Eli was breaking out from my lotion/body wash, I'm now using it too.
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  • Sleep Gowns 4 of 12
    Sleep Gowns
    Not everyone loves the sleep gown, but they are my favorite pajamas. I love that I can change his diaper without having to snap anything together in the dark. And they're just so darn cute. (The one he's wearing is 3-6 month, it's kinda huge...)
  • Baby Bath Tub 5 of 12
    Baby Bath Tub
    I know that some of you are lucky enough to have sinks that work to bathe your baby, but we do not, so a baby bath tub was a must. The one we got, by The First Years, has a sling for newborns so we could give sponge/spray baths and then 2 different sitting options for infants/toddler submersion baths, which the baby loves now.
  • Floor Gym 6 of 12
    Floor Gym
    As I mentioned last week, floor time is critical, and these cute mats make it a little more bearable for both of you. Eli has learned how to grab onto some of the toys now and he loves playing under there. As long as I don't put him on his tummy...
  • Medela Steam Bags 7 of 12
    Medela Steam Bags
    Exclusive pumping requires a boat load of dishes and so these are a great quick way to sterilize things between dishwasher runs. In 3 minutes I can sterilize a whole bag of stuff and it couldn't be easier. Each bag can be used a bunch of times, so they're a pretty good deal, too.
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  • Rock ‘N Play Sleeper 8 of 12
    Rock 'N Play Sleeper
    We call this his bunny bed, but it's really a Rock N Play from Fisher Price. Eli would not sleep in anything flat and un-cozy the first few weeks of life, and this has been the best answer for nighttime sleeping. He won't nap here yet (yea, yea I need to work on that), but he sleeps here at night and it's easily portable for when my husband is being loud with his morning routine or we go out of town. And it's perfect for managing reflux because of the incline, too.
  • Pacifiers 9 of 12
    This one may be controversial, but my non-breastfeeding baby loves to suck and only on Soothies Pacifiers, it seems. These have given us more naps and more sleeping time than anything else in the house.
  • Bottle Drying Rack 10 of 12
    Bottle Drying Rack
    I'm not sure I ever considered the dishes component of bottle feeding (to be fair, I really didn't think much about bottle feeding, period), but after washing and drying everything 8 times a day for the first few weeks, we knew we needed a new system. So we got this bottle drying rack from Dr. Browns (even though we don't use that brand of bottle) and it's cut the wash time down considerably because there's almost no need to hand dry anything.
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  • Hooded Towels 11 of 12
    Hooded Towels
    I'm not going to lie and say that I couldn't live without them, but I love them. I love being able to wrap him up after a bath, including his head, into a little bundle. He seems to like them too.
  • My Computer 12 of 12
    My Computer
    Being way far away from all my friends and all the other mothers I know, I could not have survived without my computer. The internet has provided me with resources that I would not otherwise have and support that has been completely invaluable.

What are/were your must have items for baby’s first few months?

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