My Must-Have Products for Breastfeeding

nursingI had a hard time breastfeeding my older two children for a variety of reasons, but when my third child was born, I was finally able to hit my own personal breastfeeding goals. It was very healing to me after losing trust in my body due to multiple miscarriages. I love our breastfeeding time.

Before Silver was born, I knew that breastfeeding was going to be something important to me again. I armed myself once more with information and support, and while it certainly has not been easy, I am now two months in and breastfeeding is going well.

I learned a lot while breastfeeding my third child and found products that aided in both comfort and function. If you’re on the hunt for products that will make breastfeeding more comfortable or if you’re shopping for a breastfeeding mama — here are my 5 must-have helpful products for breastfeeding:

1. BamboobiesMulti-Pak-Multi-color

During the earlier months of breastfeeding, my body tries hard to figure out how much milk to make, and mine tends to go on the “just in case” side. That means, breast pads are a needed thing early on and especially so if I’m going to wear anything other than the color black.

With my third child, I used the disposable breast pads for a while and hated them. I searched for a better option than the scratchy plastic pads and found them in Bamboobies. They’re reusuable, soft and not plastic, which means they’re comfortable enough to wear day and night.

Want to get some? You can from Bamboobies, $29.99 .

glider2. Glider chair

Silver has colic and that means most of my early evenings into the early morning are spent rocking, hugging, shushing and dancing him into a semi-sleep state. I’ve not had a baby who seemed to be in so much stress, so it’s a new territory for me. During colic hours, he is in his happy place most often when he is breastfeeding — it’s mostly for comfort, so that’s what we do.

My back and neck were getting sore from holding him while nursing and swaying to keep him calm, so my husband bought us a glider chair, and it’s made all the difference! Now, we’re able to rock in the chair and comfortably nurse for as long as he needs to.

Want to get a similar one to the one I love? You can from Babies R Us, $ 179.99.

3. Hotmilk nursing brabra

Nursing bras, while not really a “necessity,” certainly make feedings go a lot easier. You don’t have to fiddle with too many layers since a nursing bra has that convenient clip, but often the convenience of the bra means you have to sacrifice the look. I know that I am a mom, but because I am a woman also, I want to feel pretty sometimes — and looking down to see a boring tan-colored functional nursing bra is not exactly going to help in that regard.

Then, I found nursing bras by Hotmilk Lingerie and I fell in love. They have all the convenience of any other nursing bra, give all the support that a nursing mother needs in that area, and they are gorgeous! Not only that, but they also come in all sizes, which means I can find them in my size (which is not easy).

Want to get yourself a few romantic nursing bras? You can from Hotmilk, $ 57.95.

pump4. Ameda Purely Yours pump

Pumps are not a necessity when it comes to breastfeeding, but for me, I find having one to be handy. Last night, I went out on a date with my husband to an anniversary party for his work, and it was the first time (other than an hour at the dentist once) I have been without Silver by my side. I wasn’t gone for a long time, but I was going to miss one of his feedings. So in preparation, I was able to pump some breast milk for him — which allowed me to stay out for a few hours.

I’ve tried many breast pumps before, from the hospital-grade ones you can rent to those one-hand breast pumps, and by far my favorite is the Ameda Purely Yours double electric pump. I get great results from it. It’s as close to the hospital-grade Ameda I rented for a few months with my third child, and it works quickly while being gentle.

Want to get one for yourself? You can from BabiesRUs, $299.99.

Need more information on pumping for your baby? Check out A Babe’s Guide to Pumping on

5. Nipple butternipple-butter-box-jar_1

Breastfeeding can take a little toll on your nipples. Getting some cream that can protect your skin and nipple health can make a real difference in your breastfeeding experience. I have found nipple cream to be especially beneficial during the very early breastfeeding stages, when baby is teething and during any spells of thrush that may happen.

The key to a good, safe nipple cream is a product that is lanolin-free and safe for baby to latch onto right after (because we don’t have time to wash it off before latching). I have been using Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Nipple Butter with Silver and I can’t say enough good things about it!

In need of some nipple butter for yourself? Get some from Earth Mama Angel Baby, $ 8.95.

:: What are your must have products to make breastfeeding easier? Share in the comments! ::

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