My Poor Neglected Baby

My first baby, enjoying lots of love and attention back in the good old days before the human baby came along.

Before I had a human baby, I had a fur baby.

Bringing home our sweet, little German Shepherd, Marley, four years ago was just as exciting as bringing home our little baby, Fern, four months ago.  I still remember our first night home with her and having to get up in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch cuddled up next to her as she woke up whimpering and upset.  I still remember the feeling of uncertainty and not knowing exactly how to meet a dog’s needs but figuring it out as we went along, and I remember trolling plenty of websites and forums looking for the answers to my puppy questions.  All very similar to my first days home with Fern.

See, having a dog really did prepare me for parenthood!  …Sort of.  The one thing it didn’t prepare me for?   How to balance a fur baby AND a human baby.

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Now that Fern has arrived, poor Marley has gotten the short end of the stick, I’m afraid.  Apparently human babies are far more demanding than fur babies (*gasp!*).  I know.  You’re totally shocked.

I kind of envisioned that we would all just play together, but unfortunately infants don’t really have the skills necessary to play with a great big German Shepherd.  That’s not to say that Marley isn’t great with Fern, because she really is.  There just isn’t much playing to be done yet, since Fern isn’t even crawling yet.  Luckily we have a gigantic backyard and a plethora of squirrels to run after that entertain Marley and give her some solo exercise, but I can’t help but feel guilty that we don’t have much one-on-one time anymore outside of the occasional game of fetch.

Part of me thinks maybe we should get another dog to keep Marley company, but then the rational part of me thinks that’s probably stupid.  Sigh.  My poor neglected (fur) baby.

Do any of you have dog(s) and a baby?  How do you balance your time with them and give them the attention they need?  Suggestion are welcome.



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