My Postpartum Wardrobe = Sad

Where I come from, Easter weekend is the time of year where we put away the winter boots and sweaters, and kick off summer fashion. From Easter and beyond, it’s fashionably acceptable to wear white pants, open toe sandals, light weight summer dresses and seersucker blazers.

This morning around 7:30am, I might have had a minor meltdown inside my walk-in closet. I have nothing that fits my lifestyle right now. I’m 3 months postpartum, breastfeeding ever 3 hours. Getting ready for Easter service, I wanted to wear something pretty, brightly colored, and fresh. I was met with a whole lot of gray and black, and none of it fit my new (larger) body.

Last summer, I was pregnant. The summer before that I was 15 pounds lighter than I am today.

Currently, I’m about 20 pounds heavier than my wardrobe wants me to be, and breastfeeding a 3 month old. Nothing in my closet fits or functions properly. And looking through the hangers, I apparently have a fondness for “the void of color”. This morning was Easter, but my closet was ready for a funeral. Gray and black, I think I have it covered.

I need a wardrobe update, and I need it now.

I’m trying my darnedest (well, as hard as a mother of 4 under 7 years can), to buy a few fun pieces, some tanks and tees, but current fashion is not on my side. I went to the mall last week, and started hyperventilating at all the high waisted pleated pants and crop tops I saw on the stick thin mannequin. I’m obviously shopping at the wrong places, no doubt.

My current criteria is tricky:

Forgiving in the belly, doesn’t make my boob look overly huge (I despise showing a ton of cleavage), and I must be able to breastfeed in whatever I’m wearing.

If I’m ok with never leaving the house again, my wardrobe is fine. But honestly, I just want to feel pretty in my new postpartum skin. And I need some clothes that fit and function better than what’s in my closet right now.

I need to know, what’s in your postpartum wardrobe that makes you feel pretty?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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