My Pros and Cons of Co-Sleeping

chunky baby
Who wouldn't want to snuggle with this chunk?

Like Monica, before I had a baby, I never imagined I’d be co-sleeping. In fact, I scoffed at those who did.  Perhaps I should’ve added that to this list.  However, I’ve found that for a part of every night, co-sleeping has been beneficial, if not necessary in order to get some extra sleep.

Even though I do it, and there are things I love about it, I’m not someone who would only co-sleep and not use a crib. This is just how it’s worked best for me. There are lots of benefits, but there are also some challenges. Below I’ll list some of each:

Pros of Co-Sleeping
1. It’s Cozy. Cuddling next to my warm baby is one of the best things ever. Seriously.

2. It’s really easy for nightfeeding. I just lean in and he latches on.

3. I fall back to sleep easier after feeding than when I have to get up, take Fuzz out of the crib, sit down and feed, stand up, put him back in the crib, make sure he’s asleep, and then go back to bed.

4. I love being woken up in the morning by a hand grabbing my nose and a little voice saying: “ah Dah!” followed by a big smile.

5. I love to watch Fuzz asleep next to me.

Cons of Co-Sleeping

1. Fluffy comforters and pillows are off limits for now.

2. Three people in the bed can get a little cramped, especially when mysteriously, the smallest one takes up the most space.

3. Even though I fall back to sleep easier, I wake up a LOT more, either for two minute feedings, or because Fuzz rolled over onto me, or grabbed my arm, or snorfled loudly, etc.

4. There can be a LOT of two minute feedings.

5. I worry about bonking Fuzz in the head with my elbow, which I’ve done more than a few times. (Although, thus far, it hasn’t bothered him in the slightest; it’s me who feels guilty).

What are your experiences with co-sleeping? Do you have any pros or cons to add?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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