My Scary Mommy Moment

I'm pretty sure this is my baby's disappointed face over my scary mommy fail moment.

No matter how hard we as parents try to do things perfectly, it is inevitable that we are all going to experience some type of failure or another at some point. In the 18+ years we will spend caring for our children, there are bound to be some moments that are less than ideal, challenging or even downright scary.

I had always heard about parents having moments like this, but had been lucky enough to not experience one myself. It felt like I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop … until the other day that is, when I had my first scary moment as a mom.

It happened while Fern and I were playing in the living room. We were on the couch — I was sitting and she was laying in front of me — playing a game. It was almost nap time, so I thought I would grab some books and read to her before she went to sleep. We have a little bookshelf filled with baby books literally two feet from the couch, so I got up to grab a few. My back was turned for no more than a few seconds when I heard a THUNK and then a piercing wail. I flew into a panic, dropped the books, and found Fern lying on the floor. Turning my back on her for just a moment had given her enough time to roll off the couch, narrowly missing our coffee table (the one with cast iron corners) on her descent.

I picked her up and quickly nursed her for comfort as I shook like a leaf with tears in my eyes. My heart was racing at a million miles per minute. I felt like such an awful mom. In less than a minute, Fern stopped crying and all was well in her world again, though I was more than a little bit shaken up. I definitely learned my lesson about leaving babies unattended on elevated surfaces that day.  A scary mommy moment indeed.

Have any of you had scary mommy moments?

How did you react?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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