15 of My Favorite Pictures of My Baby Girls

This month, I got some really exciting news. I made Babble’s list of top baby photo blogs! This was particularly exciting since I’ve made a real effort to step up my photography this year. I owe this entirely to my obsession with Instagram.

Following so many amazing photographers (some of which I’ve featured in my “InstaParent of the Month” series) has inspired me to take better pictures of my kids. I’ve put away my DSLR and take all my photos on my iPhone, so I can capture real moments as they happen, as opposed to posed shots.

People always ask me what apps I use to edit my photos. I use four— Snapseed, PicFX, Big Lens and PicTapGo.

I’m not going to lie. I put a lot of effort into editing my photos. I don’t have one filter or one go-to technique. Every photo is different. I like variety and am always looking to switch things up and try new things.

My main secret to taking good photos? My two adorable girls, three-year-old Mazzy and ten-month-old, Harlow. They make excellent subjects, although they rarely stand still. That’s why I take about fifty photos a day. There’s always one good one!

Thank you to Babble for recognizing my blog and my photos. Below are 15 of my favorite, including some of the shots that started some of my more popular Instagram hashtags.  You can follow me on Instagram at @mommyshorts.

  • Baby Mugging 1 of 15

    This is the photo that started the #babymugging craze.


  • Harlow Yawning 2 of 15

    This photo perfectly illustrates Harlow's state of mind before we did sleep training about a month ago. Exhausted yet refusing to go to sleep.

  • First Day of School 3 of 15

    I couldn't get Mazzy to smile on her first day of school this year, but I thought this photo was lovely anyway.

  • Baby in a Banana 4 of 15

    On the heels of my Baby Mugging success, I used this photo to start #BabyinaBanana. This one didn't take off quite the same, but it makes me laugh anyway.

  • The Girls Together 5 of 15

    There is nothing better than watching my two girls play together and seeing their relationship develop.

  • Mazzy 6 of 15

    I love this photo because it perfectly captures Mazzy's personality. Always smiling, a little mischievous and wondering what she is going to move onto next.

  • Harlow Napping 7 of 15

    This was one of my favorite moments with Harlow. She fell asleep on my shoulder while I was holding her in the pool, so I took her out and napped with her cuddled on a hammock, wrapped in the same towel. You may think that I ruined the moment by whipping out my camera phone, but I'm so glad I got a shot that captures how peaceful she looked.

  • Harlow Comes Home 8 of 15

    I love this photo of Mazzy checking Harlow out in her crib the first day we brought her home from the hospital. It was one of many showing Mazzy's path to "sibling acceptance".


  • Mini Fridge Raider 9 of 15

    My husband opened the fridge and Harlow pulled herself to standing. I thought it was so funny because it looked like she was about to fix herself a snack! I used this photo to start the #MiniFridgeRaider hashtag on Instagram.

  • Who knows how to change the channel? 10 of 15

    Harlow was playing with the remote while Mazzy was putting on a puppet show. I clicked pictures until I got one that seemed like Harlow was aiming it directly at the show.

  • Daddy in the City 11 of 15

    A lot of my photos have two very important elements: my husband Mike and NYC, where we live.


  • Harlow’s Glare 12 of 15

    I do a yearly contest called the Evil Baby Glare-Off so it seems only fitting that Harlow would be born with one of the iciest stares ever to be seen on a baby. Everyone she meets says, "Wow! She's intense!"

  • Decorate the Baby 13 of 15

    This photo cracks me up every time. It was before Harlow could move and Mazzy would just place things carefully around her.

  • Mazzy in the Wild 14 of 15

    Over the summer, we rented a house with a huge wooded yard. It was awesome seeing Mazzy run wild since she is used to city living.

  • The Three of Us 15 of 15

    My husband took this photo. There is another one taken a moment earlier where we are all smiling directly at the camera, but I like this one better.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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